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10 Ways to Be More Perceptive

10 Ways to Be More Perceptive

Observation skills or perception is an observational skill that can be achieved by some practice and perceptions. However, having perceptive skills like Sherlock Holmes or some great writer as they are inherent but with some efforts, we can try to be one like them, at least to some extent. The elements of perception skills are practice-based and the true perceptive person is the one who has mastered these skills with constant efforts. So it really depends on your efforts and your willingness to achieve them but first let us know what is esp?

EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION – the ESP is something that is beyond our known senses. We have five senses vision, smell, hearing, taste, and touch but the ESP refers to events that are completely independent of all these senses. It is a term of parapsychology and is a matter of research among scientists and psychologists. There are three types of ESP-

    • Telepathy
    • Psychokinesis
    • Clairvoyance

  • Precognition

There are different ways of increasing your perception or to be more perceptive. It can be done with practice and continuous efforts. Here we will be discussing some of the tips of becoming more perceptive-

  • Open your eyes-   the world is beautiful and when we see it with opening our eyes: we make ourselves able to see the world with renewed beauty and perception. After all, perception can be made only after looking and observing the things.
  • Be attentive- it is your choice to be attentive or ignorant about something. If you will pay attention to some person or event then only you will be able to be more perceptive. If you will pay attention to trivial things then only you will get new ideas and concept based on your observation. According to W.H. Auden,” A Man Is Responsible For His Choice And Must Accept The Consequences, Whatever They May Be”.
  • Trust your intuition – have you ever heard about intuition or your gut feeling, well it will never suggest you anything wrong. According to Alexis Carrel,” Intuition Comes Very Close To Clairvoyance; It Appears To Be The Extrasensory Perception Of Reality”. Intuition is about trusting yourself and believing in it. If you sense something new, strange or unique then never ignore it. Our mind can process things better and faster than we imagine. The intuition or gut feelings are the result of this processing. It will definitely lead you to some positive direction.
  • Believe in yourself- most of the time we seek approval from others about our thoughts, feelings, and action. To become more perceptive you need to stop this habit. If you have some feelings or thought process that is not understood or accepted by others than it doesn’t mean anything wrong. Stop this habit of seeking approvals and believe in yourself.

To conclude, perception is improving your inner voice and opening your mind for new things and concepts. You can become more perceptive by becoming observant with a positive attitude towards yourself and your life.


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