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3 Easy Startup Ideas For Fresh Graduates

3 Easy Startup Ideas For Fresh Graduates

So you’re fresh out of college, with an entire horizon of opportunities and a whole life ahead of you.

It should be smooth sailing from there, right? Wrong.

On your first day as an unemployed graduate, you’ll soon realize one glaring flaw in your resume: experience. Anyone familiar with today’s tight job markets will tell you–getting a job ain’t easy.

If you’re looking to fast track your success, the best place to look may not be in traditional offices but in startups where, as we’ve seen countless times in the last decade, the sky is pretty much the limit–or in Elon Musk’s case, outer space.

Startups are not easy, practical, and accessible. Pretty much anyone with a college-level education (or even less) can have a fair shot. In fact, if you have a solid idea and the skills to match, then you should start as soon as possible and learn quicker.

But which start-up should you pursue? In this article, we put together three of the easiest and most feasible startup ideas to tinker with.

Save Old Spaces

Do you have space to spare in your garage? Or perhaps a backyard you can open up to the public?

Even without experience or a well-defined set of skills, you can start your own small business in a jiffy–all you need is some good old-fashioned extra space.

Live somewhere accessible? Consider starting a food business where people all over the neighborhood can grab lunch or hang out with friends.

Have enough equipment? Try transforming your garage into a small studio or even a gym.

Looking for regular customers? Set up your very own on-demand laundromat service, in which case you can check out any commercial washer offered at

With space as your canvas, virtually anything is possible. For what it’s worth, both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs got their starts in their own garages. As long as you have the passion and the determination, you can make some money and a name for yourself in your neighborhood and beyond.

Try The Tech Business

Chances are, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things, and, if you have, then you’ve also already heard how it’s changing the way we run our homes.

Our houses are slowly becoming smarter. As technology integrates ever more seamlessly with our lives, the opportunity to automate tasks and processes only increases.

Today, we can voice control our televisions, open and lock doors, turn on and off any light in any room, and monitor energy and utility usage–all through a smart app and with a swipe of a finger.

Within the comforts of your room, you can pinpoint where else people might need an app for – communication, transportation, remote navigation and controls, fitness and health, banking and business transactions, and other possible areas of inconveniences – and from there conceptualize how you might fill existing gaps.

The other side of the coin is that your apps should be compatible even with well-retrofitted homes or spaces. This usually means that, in order to connect your TVs, computers, and other appliances to the net, you need to invest in top-of-the-line equipment.

For example, Continental Girbau now offers a line of washing machines that allows users to monitor their laundry remotely and in real-time as well as pre-program the cycle settings that they frequently use.

Smart televisions or hybrid TVs are also interactive nowadays, providing internet TV and other high-end content from the net.

Everything is online now, even our vehicles and appliances. There’s an ocean of opportunity and fresh grad can exploit. It’s definitely worth a second look.

Get Creative

If your degree leans more towards the humanities and the arts, and you want to get as much experience as fast as possible, then we recommend starting small doing freelance work.

It’s certainly not the biggest pay check from the get-go, but be patient enough and you’ll open up a lot of doors to projects and clients that can bolster your resume. Once you establish a decent reputation, you can begin working your way up, possibly even going full-time.

Freelancing definitely fits with the growing prominence of co-working spaces and nascent trends in shared economy. Plus, it allows you to control your own time. Studies say that three-quarters of freelancers get into the practice by choice, and not by necessity.

There’s a whole stretch of road ahead of you, and it definitely won’t be easy. But what’s important is that you start somewhere, and start fast, so you’ll know the best place to position your sails, so to speak.


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