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3 Great Ideas For Your Office Christmas Party

3 Great Ideas For Your Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas parties can sometimes feel a little bit tired and generic, typically involving food, decorations, and maybe some games or entertainment. You may even have experienced the exact same Christmas party at several different jobs!

But that doesn’t mean that Christmas parties can’t be unique and fun! If you’re in charge of organising the Christmas do this year, here are three great ideas for you to consider.

A tasteful meal

If the usual garish Christmas bash isn’t really your thing, why not opt for something a little bit more tasteful and book a nice meal for your team to enjoy together.

There are plenty of restaurants that cater to Christmas functions that have a real touch of class, such as Bella Cosa on Canary Wharf which really has the wow factor. They serve up wonderful Italian food and offer incredible views across the river, plus the location is very convenient.

Fine dining is sure to go down well with most people, so if your team aren’t usually into cheesy celebrations this could be a great option.

Ugly Christmas jumper party

On the other hand, if your team love nothing more than a good laugh, an ugly Christmas jumper party can be a lot of fun. Okay so it isn’t the most unique idea of all time, but there is also a reason why they are so popular.

It’s a great chance for everyone to show their fun side and let their hair down, and it also makes for a great photo op. Sharing a few photos on your company’s social media channels of all of your staff having fun certainly can’t be bad for your image!

Why not hold your party at the office and lay on some food, and then give employees the afternoon off to go Christmas shopping? Or, if your staff would prefer a more boozy affair, you could hire a venue for an evening or hit the town.

Teambuilding day out

Teambuilding days are a great way for everybody to have fun, but also a great opportunity to build on your team’s ability to work together and bring everybody closer, so they’re fantastic for a Christmas do.

There are all sorts of options when it comes to what you end up doing, from Escape the Room challenges to indoor skiing or even ice skating if you want to do something a bit more festive.

If you’re not sure what your team will all enjoy, why not make a list of a few different options and allow everybody to vote on their favourite idea?

If you’re struggling for ideas, this list of 80 should make for a good starting point! Everything is covered, from quirky to outdoorsy!

We hope this has given you a few new ideas for your office Christmas do if you’re in charge of planning it this year! Despite the pressure, you can’t go far wrong with a Christmas party, as the festive cheer will ensure everybody is in high spirits!




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