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3 Key Reasons You Should Train Your Staff to Handle Change

3 Key Reasons You Should Train Your Staff to Handle Change

Did you know that the way you handle change directly correlates with how you manage stress overall? Or that when just one of your staff members reacts badly to change that it could – and will – interrupt the entire working atmosphere? It is true.

When people react negatively to change they become irritable, angry, tense, frustrated, or experience any number of other negative emotions. This leads to them lashing out at a co-worker who, in turn, has now become upset. Nobody enjoys being yelled at or gotten snippy with. The issue continues to spread like wild fire until you have a workplace nobody wants to be at. The result? People will start calling out sick, while others cease coming to work at all. Cooperation levels go down, and management is forced to deal with increasingly more inter-workplace drama.

By utilizing change management training available to Canberra companies, however, you can effectively halt this nasty cycle and even reverse its effects. Need more reasons to change your staff on how to appropriately handle change? Continue reading below.

Reason 1:

Change is Inevitable in the Workplace

While some people may not deal well with stress, it is inevitable in the workplace. Even if you wanted to avoid it you would find it impossible. You may, for example, need to move up a deadline or increase the workload for the original date. A co-worker might leave for another job, and a new employee will need to come to take their place. The power could go out. There might be a huge rush of customers all at once, or there may be a completely dead day. If people are unable to cope with these many changes, the stress reaction will be constant.

Reason 2:

It Promotes a Less Stressful Work Environment

Change management training for Canberra staff helps to promote a less stressful work environment for everyone by decreasing individual levels. It is important to remember that your team is only as strong as the weakest player on your team. By targeting how the individual handles stress you are creating an overall stronger team for your company. Plus, when individuals are placed under constant stress they are unable to appropriately handle, there “fight or flight” mechanism never shuts off. This creates anxiety so overpowering it is palpable. Other employees will easily sense their co-workers frustration. In turn, they will also feel on edge.

Reason 3:

Increases Productivity Across the Board

Once you take away that negativity create by the tension negative stress reactions create, you are left with a much higher level of productivity. Think about it like this: Do you work well when you are frustrated, overworked, and maybe being forced to cooperate with a negative co-worker? Or do you work better after a great night’s rest, an uneventful morning, and being place on a team with a co-worker you enjoy working with? The latter describes your company after investing in change management training from Canberra experts. The prior describes your company now.

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