3 Ways To Manage A Crowded Office

3 Ways To Manage A Crowded Office

As real estate prices continue to surge, companies are being forced out of the city and into even smaller spaces. In large metropolitan areas like Dallas and Austin, maintaining an office, let alone expanding one, takes a lot of money–which a lot of smaller companies don’t have, yet.

Consequently, a lot of businesses–especially startups and family-owned businesses–are cramming more and more people into less and less space. The result: crowded offices and tight cubicles.

How, then, might a business expand without having to relocate? Here are some great tips to help you make the most of your office space:

  1. Coworking

Most small companies can do away with a permanent office, especially if they’re just starting out.

A coworking space provides all the amenities of a modern office minus the baggage. Most come with conference rooms, desks, lounges, and even play areas. Rather than spending an arm and a leg on office upkeep, move your team to a vibrant coworking space.

If you’re in the area, check out Common Desk’s Dallas Coworking Space for an affordable office for rent.

  1. Flexible Work Hours

One of the best ways to decongest a crowded office is through flexible work hours. Allowing your employees to work at different times actually frees up space. Those who work early in the morning will be gone by the time the night owls arrive and vice versa. Furthermore, as an added bonus, you’ll be getting more out of your team. Studies show that flexible work hours result in happier employees, improved productivity, and better work-life balance.

Have employees that prefer to work at night? This West Plano office space stays open until midnight!

  1. Office Automation

In an already crowded office, the last thing you want is people moving around and bumping into each other. To avoid this problem, look for apps that streamline office processes and reduce the need for physical interaction.

Here are some apps that may interest you:

  • Trello: Have a lot of on your plate? Trello organizes all your tasks, projects, exchanges, and workflows in one screen. Using the app, you can organize your team and monitor their progress in real-time. See who’s ahead of schedule and who’s lagging behind without having to leave your desk.

  • GoogleDocs / GoogleDrive / etc.: Google’s online office suite allows you to create, edit, store, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files over the Internet. Instead of passing files back and forth via USB or email, work on them simultaneously with anyone with an Internet connection. The best part: it’s completely FREE.

  • Iterable: Managing email can be a pain in the behind. Iterable allows you to organize your mailing list while taking care of your email marketing needs. Everything from A/B testing to message layouts to email automation from the convenience of your desk.

Because office space is so limited, the need to manage it is extremely important. Follow the tips above and you’ll realize there’s actually more than enough space to go around. It’s all a matter of staying smart and thinking efficiently.





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