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4 Tips for Shipping Your Products to Customers

4 Tips for Shipping Your Products to Customers

If you are an online seller you know by now that shipping effectively is important for your customers. The right packaging and shipping methods can differentiate you from other online competitors, and this could mean repeat business for you. In this article, we give you tips on how you can improve the way you ship products to your customers.

Offer Affordable Shipping Rates and Multiple Shipping Options

Getting shipping cost right can make your e-commerce customers happy. Customers can detect when you try to rip them off by charging very high shipping and handling costs.

Use online calculators to calculate your shipping costs and get an idea of what to charge your customers. Free shipping is common in the online business.  

Though some online sellers think it might hurt their profits, most customers will spend more in your store if you offer free shipping.

Further, providing your customers with more than one shipping option is very important. It can see your sales increase. recommends that you can use different shipping speeds for both domestic and international shipping.

Ship Quickly and Effectively

Delayed shipping is one of the reasons many customers seek for alternative online sellers. The best way to ensure you ship your products on time is to have a good shipping system in place. This will ensure that once the customer makes an order, you already have a shipping plan ready to be executed.

Further, use notable technologies that allow you to keep your customer updated on the product shipping progress.

According to Marisa Sanfilippo of Business News Daily, such technologies are also useful for you as a seller since they can help you receive accurate updates of the shipping process.

This can protect you from liability when it comes to errors, delays, or damage to products that occur after shipping. Some of these technologies that you can use include:

  • Tracking devices
  • Real-time scanning
  • Video surveillance

Good Packaging and Labeling Sets You Apart

Many customers have had to deal with damaged shipped products due to poor packaging. Even reputable companies lose customers from such mistakes.

Proper packaging is very important especially if you are shipping fragile products. Consider using the right packaging materials to ensure that the products reach the customers in good condition.

Notably, pallets are useful shipping materials to protect your packaging since they are easy to handle and store and are secured with wraps to prevent unwanted movement of your products.

Further, most online firms often label the products being shipped by hand. This can create a bad image for customers who expect professional services.

In addition, hand labeling can lead to confusion during the shipping process as handwriting might be illegible. Consider printing shipping addresses or use sticker mailing labels.

Choose the Right Shipping Vendor

Shipping vendors such as UPS and FedEx are popular, and many businesses will prefer them for shipping services. However, we recommend that if you want quick deliveries, you choose multiple vendors to deliver your order on time. On the other hand, if you are looking to reduce the cost of shipping, you can consider using public carriers such as the US Postal Services. Alternatively, drop shipping can also reduce your shipping costs.

Additionally, it is good to consider the shipping company reputation and the quality of service it offers. Further, opt for quality shippers that are found in your customer’s location to save your customer from incurring extra transportation costs.

In conclusion, great shipping services can set you apart from other sellers in your line of business. Hopefully, the above tips will help you ship your customer’s products better and make your customers happier.




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