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4 Types Of Security Cameras You Must Know About

4 Types Of Security Cameras You Must Know About

Security issues affect all organizations these days. Which is why, there’s no such business as a small business that doesn’t need security cameras. There’s always a need for one and you can always find the right one within your budget if you know where and how to find it. Regardless, the cameras for surveillance come in different shapes and sizes. And all of them have their own uniqueness and uses.

4 Technologically Advanced Security Cameras That You Must Know About

Due to the increasing breach of security that’s started to affect businesses and individuals, companies have started to game up against thefts of all kinds by using advanced kinds of technological marvels that are much better than analog security system. The 4 kinds listed below are winning the race.

  • Network Cameras – Network cameras are also known as IP cameras that make a use of 4 progressive lenses for recording videos and taking pictures. These are Ethernet enabled. This means that these cameras record feed while simultaneously compressing it and transferring it over to the web. Since they involve the use of web, they have a unique IP address of their own. Besides, these cameras are also reliable sources for file transfering.
  • PTZ Cameras – PTZ cameras or rotobic cameras offer a 360 degree motion detection. They are also known as pan, tilt, and zoom cameras. These are highly motion sensitive and work well as indoor security cameras to cover large surroundings. One of the best features of this camera is that it gives you the freedom to zoom in on the people you doubt and the faces you’re scanning will still not pixelate.
  • Thermal Cameras – It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if you call thermal cameras as next gen cameras. They can also be called as night vision surveillance cameras since they use thermal imaging technique to capture clear images and videos despite insufficient light. They work so well because they can detect and capture infrared radiation that is catapulted out of all mortal bodies.
  • Value Express Cameras – Value express cameras are outdoor cameras that can capture images and videos in HD and then transfer them to the web. They can work with an excellent range of bandwidth and offer maximum illumination with or without light abundance. Different types have different focal lengths that constitute the area that each type can cover.

The above listed cameras are the newest digital innovations. However, analog cameras are still used by various businesses globally.




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