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5-A-Side Football-The Perfect Way To Play A Game Of Football With Your Mates!

5-A-Side Football-The Perfect Way To Play A Game Of Football With Your Mates!

If you are considering a new fitness regime, but nothing too extreme, then perhaps a game of 5-A-side football with your mates is the sport for you? 5-A-Side is a casual game which mates and work colleagues can enjoy after work, during lunch or perhaps on weekends, its non-invasive however rather physical if you want to take it really seriously and it’s the ideal way to socialise with your pals.

If you are struggling to get enough players to participate, 5-A-Side is awesome since it requires fewer players than your regular football team and if by any chance you have more players than you need, it doesn’t really matter, since players can act as subs for one another and that’s ideal if you have only just started getting fit and perhaps worried that you may not physically manage a full game yet.

Once you get into the swing of things, you may start to really enjoy it, and generally, from time to time, teams have a tournament, which is the ideal opportunity to showcase those budding new skills you’ve learnt. Tournaments are an enjoyable time for teams, usually competitive, but loads of fun, and you have the chance to create slogans and T-shirts to represent your team.

Health benefits of starting a team!

There are many benefits to starting an Astro football team. Weight loss, physical fitness, heart health, plus physical and emotional wellbeing is generally improved by exercise. For anyone currently feeling stressed or perhaps under a lot of pressure due to work-life or personal issues, its ideal to start exercising, it releases some of the endorphins in the brain (the feel-good factor). It helps people to cope better, to feel better and generally more positive.

What do we need to start?

Basically, all that you need is a team and a schedule that everyone can attend. The tricky part may be trying to find a time that suits everyone rather than the actual team, in fact, you may find quite a few that want to join the team, if so perhaps schedule two matches per week so that it gives more options to players who may struggle to attend on certain days. With regards to kit, that can come later, teams usually ask players to donate to subs (usually a couple of quid per game), and that goes towards the costs of shirts, bibs, etc. Football boots or trainers are preference; however, certain types of studs won’t be allowed on certain pitches, certainly not indoor ones anyway.

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