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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Neon & Commercial Signs

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Neon & Commercial Signs

When it comes to branding efforts for your business, signs have an important role to play. Whilst having an online presence and focusing on digital marketing is important, you cannot ignore the importance of neon signs and commercial signs. As a business owner or manager, you will have to find a service provider that designs and makes signs. The concept may seem to be simple and straightforward, it pays to know what factors matter when creating your signs.

Here are the most important factors to consider and discuss with your service provider when having your bespoke signs designed.

1. Choose Compelling Colours

The choice of colour is amongst the most important considerations when designing your sign. According to studies, colour plays a staggering 80% role in whether a trademark gets recognised or not. Whilst you have will have to stick to your brand colours to ensure consistency, there is lots of room to play with vivid colours. After all, there is more to a commercial or neon sign than just the brand. You can have a message or a slogan too for your target audience.

Many times, it makes sense to use modern colours which are in trend. You don’t want your signage to feel like it’s from some bygone era. To learn about the latest options available, it is recommended to click here for more info.

2. Choose a Theme

You can base your signage on a theme that best speaks for your niche and brand. Once you choose a theme, it is going to influence everything including:

  • The colours
  • The fonts
  • The size

The colour scheme should make your sign easily noticeable. The fonts should blend in perfectly with your brand image and what your business does.

3. Size Considerations

Size does have an important role to play in the impression and impact your sign creates. For example, larger letters are easier to read. Size matters for signs that will be placed at locations where you expect your audience to view it from a distance.

The choice of the typeface also has an impact on legibility. You shouldn’t sacrifice legibility for the sake of beautiful font styles. Whilst style and attraction has its importance, you should prefer fonts that offer the best of practicality and aesthetics.

4. Type of Sign

The ideal sign should reflect the culture of your industry and company.

  • Pylon Signs: These are tall and large signs that are meant to be seen from a distance. If you have a business along the highway can advertise your company name and show direction.
  • Pole Signs: These signs usually rise above all obstructions to allow people to view from a distance.
  • Monument Signs: These are smaller and low profile signs, which usually have the company name and are installed at the entrance to your building.
  • Blade Signs: These can be viewed by people when they approach your business. These signs are usually mounted perpendicular to a wall and help people find entrance to your company.
  • Sidewalk Signs: These signs provide an attractive way to draw attention and bring people in the door. Whilst traditional sidewalks used chalkboards, whiteboards, and replaceable frames, you can now use neon signs in their place.

5. Consider LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs make the most reasonable choice when it comes to choosing signs for your business. They are not only exceptionally bright, they also provide the various benefits of modern LED lights. The latest LED neon lights are much brighter than conventional gas neon signs. They offer very high visual appeal. Since, these signs are made of tiny LED lights, they offer exceptional versatility. These types of signs can used both indoors and outdoors because they are durable and don’t emit heat.

Whether you are looking for signs for outdoor branding or commercial signs to be installed on your building, consider all these factors. It is also recommended to consider your budget when choosing you signage. Since modern LED lights provide you lots of options and flexibility whilst being affordable, you can meet almost all your signage needs within a reasonable budget. Since these are longer-lasting signs, they act as one-time investment for years. Besides, the high level of durability also means that you will not have to spend as much on their maintenance.

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