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5 Important Things to Look for When Purchasing Real Estate

5 Important Things to Look for When Purchasing Real Estate

When potential home buyers are perusing real estate, there are a few key signs we always recommend they be on lookout for to avoid buying a home with too many red flags.

Sometimes there’s actually no need to go as far as the home inspection process to know whether a certain home is in the type of condition you’re looking for.

1.  Roofing Condition

Roofing repairs can be costly and inconvenient, so take time to be on the lookout for a roof that looks worn or damaged that may need work or replacement soon. A newer roof can lower your insurance rates and will certainly offer greater defense against the harsh elements.

2.  Check the Insulation

Home comfort levels and energy efficiency are highly dependent upon having ample insulation with a high R-rating that provides a superior barrier between the home’s interiors and the exterior elements. Double or triple-paned windows also provide extra insulation.

3.  Furnace or Heat Pump Functionality

Replacing a furnace or heat pump can be expensive and keep you in the cold until repairs can be made. Shy away from older systems that can be red tagged during inspections if they aren’t up to safety codes.

4.  Look for Potential Plumbing Problems

While you can’t get into the guts of the plumbing system from above ground, you can peek at the condition of the:

  • Pipes Under Sinks
  • Fixtures on Sinks and Tubs
  • Outdoor Spigots
  • Water Sprinkler System
  • Septic Holding Area

Beyond superficial issues, take a good smell around for any indications of sour smells, mold or undesirable odors from the plumbing.

5.  Land Concerns

Be sure to find out if the home is situated within a flood, earthquake, landslide or wildfire-prone area, and decide whether it’s worth the chance and extra insurance costs to invest in the property. Ignoring the possibilities could spell disaster if Mother Nature strikes.

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