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5 Must-Have Features of Simultaneous Translation Equipment

5 Must-Have Features of Simultaneous Translation Equipment

Simultaneous translation equipment has eliminated the need for a human interpreter. They eliminate the need for the speaker to stop after every sentence to allow the translator to translate their sentence. Translation equipment serves a great purpose in situations where speech needs to be translated into several languages at once.

When we talk about translation equipment, there are so many reputed sellers like DSP tech that sell the equipment, but the features offered by the equipment are limited. If you are planning to buy translation equipment, you need to make sure that the features of the equipment are good enough to function properly. Here is a list of must-have features of simultaneous translation equipment:

  1. Security of Transmission

Simultaneous translation equipment is used in high-profile meetings and conferences. In such events, the information discussed inside the booth must be secured to avoid the conversation to be picked up by an intruder. While buying translation equipment, make sure that the information transmitted through the translation equipment is secure.

  1. Wide Area Reception

The number of translation machines required for an event depends on the space of the room or booth. The area of reception of translation is very important to count the number of receiver devices required. The reception area of the translation machine is inversely proportional to the number of receivers. Choose the equipment, which has a wide reception area.

  1. Noise Cancellation

Noise might get added to the speech during the process of translation. It can cause interruptions at the receiver end. Translation equipment with noise cancellation feature can be helpful in getting an accurate and clear translation. Consider this feature as one of the key points while choosing the translation equipment.

  1. Supported Languages

In a situation wherein you have audiences speaking multiple languages in a room, it is difficult to handle the translation task with translation equipment that supports very few languages. Translation equipment comes with a wide range of language support features. You can find translation equipment that supports only one language. Also, there is equipment that supports multiple languages. Choose the one that suits your requirement.

  1. Anti-Interference

If two or more translation equipment is used within the reception range of one another, there is a high chance that the signals can be interrupted. So, before buying a translation machine, check if the anti-interference feature is present. This issue occurs only in FM translation machines. You can go for an IR translation machine to avoid interference.

These are the features you need to look for when buying simultaneous translator equipment. There are other basic features like battery life, size, and portability to be considered before buying the equipment.


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