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5 of the Most Common Causes of a Motorcycle Accident

5 of the Most Common Causes of a Motorcycle Accident

Traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of death every year. Among the traffic accidents, motorcycle accidents have a record of most casualties. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than eighty percent of all the motorcycles accidents result in either serious injuries or deaths. If you have a motorcycle accident and you are sure that the accident is not your fault, then you can contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to fight for a damage claim. There are a lot of reasons why motorcycle accidents happen. Most of these causes are preventable. If you know about them, you can prevent a motorcycle accident from happening.

Inexperienced Motorcyclist

It is entirely normal for a person to spend lots of days in driving training courses. The training teaches them how to operate the vehicle as well as how to gauge the conditions, respond to the situations, and mainly gaining competence. But unfortunately, most youngsters start motorcycle riding on the road before they are completely ready. Because of their inexperience on the road, they cause motorcycle accidents. Twenty-five percent of all motorcycle accidents are caused by the rider who does not have a valid motorcycle license.

Drunken Motorcyclist

No matter you are on the road or off the road, alcohol can impair your judgment. Riding a motorcycle needs a hundred percent concentration and very shard reflexes. If your reaction time is reduced, then it can cause a severe accident. For reducing reaction time for a motorcyclist, one bear drink is enough. Around twenty to forty percent of all motorcycle accidents are caused by alcohol.

Left-Hand Turns of Motor Vehicles

Most motorcycle accidents happen with other types of vehicles. Among these accidents, around forty-two percent of time accidents happen when other vehicles are turning left, and the motorcyclist is riding straight. It could also happen when the motorcycle rider is passing by or overtaking any other vehicle. Motorcycles are a rather small vehicle, and it is not very easy to notice on a busy road. That is the reason why many car drivers do not notice the motorcycles and turn left on the intersection, and that results in a crash.

Excessive Speed on the Road

The young motorcyclists are accustomed to highspeed bike riding. Sometimes this speed may even exceed the posted speed limits of the road. Sometimes depending on the condition, the limited speed also could be too much. For example, if there is a windstorm on the highway and the speed limit of the highway is fifty miles per hour, but during the windstorm, this fifty miles per hour speed could be too much. Because of the reduced visibility during the windstorm, it would not be very reasonable to drive at that speed. It could result in serious injuries or deaths.

Distracted While Driving

If a vehicle driver or motorcycle rider stay distracted while driving, then it could cause major accidents resulting in severe injuries or even death. Distracted driving is the most common cause of traffic accidents. If instead then driving the driver focus on texting or eating, then he may drift into oncoming traffic.


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