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5 People In Your Business That Need Sales Training

5 People In Your Business That Need Sales Training

Sales training is a huge asset to any sales company, and it’s a priority for some members of your staff. However for others, it may not seem as crucial. Here we are looking at 5 roles in your business that could benefit from having some sales training. To get excellent telesales training in London, check out Simon Kenna.

  1. The Managing Director/CEO

    The head of the business will most likely not be making sales call themselves, but it’s still important that they have an understanding of the services and products you are selling, and the best ways to sell them. Your CEO still needs to be able to speak to potential clients and not be clueless about what you’re trying to sell.

  2. The Product Designers

    The people who design the products and services aren’t the ones who have to sell them, but having them do some sales training can be useful. Knowing how the sales team is going to sell their products will help them in the design process and could lead to more marketable products.

  3. The Receptionist

    If you have a receptionist in your business they definitely need to be taught how to sell. The receptionist is normally the first point of contact for clients visiting your business, so it’s important they know how to talk about your products and services in an engaging way.

  4. The Marketing Team

    Marketing and sales teams don’t tend to work together too much, as marketers prefer to stay behind the scenes. But it’s still necessary for them to have a grasp on what the sales team is facing. Let your marketers do some telesales training to help your business make more sales.

  5. The Telesales Team

    This one is obvious! Your telesales team is the one that needs the most training. Remember that the whole sales team needs training and not just a few people. It’s not much use just training the new members. The whole team needs to be trained together to improve their sales techniques and become a stronger sales unit.

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