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5 Things That You Should Know About Folded Carton Packaging

5 Things That You Should Know About Folded Carton Packaging

Folded cartons have been piquing the interest of many. And it’s not without reasons that they have started attracting many small-scale startups as well as established companies. However, the first of most important things that determine the quality of folded cartons is the company that manufacturers them. So, if you’re looking forward to beginning the sales of your products in folded cartons, you must look for the following factors in the company that you choose to be sure that you’re investing your money with the right people.

  • Companies like Netpak offer best customer assistance. You will be provided with a catalog to choose the type of paperboard according to your need and budget
  • Genuine companies offer valuable inputs from trained designers so that the cartons can be styled in the best possible manner
  • Genuine companies will always keep the demand-to-supply ratio of a product in mind so that its circulation isn’t affected
  • All good companies offer flexible on-site visits so that you can check the quality and speed of production personally

Interesting Things About Folded Cartons That You Must Know About

Folded cartons find the best use in the following industries.

  • Health and wellness products
  • Cosmetic and beauty products
  • Beverages and food
  • Tobacco and pharmaceutical industries
  • Electronic items

And the most important things to know about folded carton packaging include the following.

  1. Folded cartons aren’t a health hazard and are environmentally safe. In other words, they make use of recycled products and can be recycled again after use. Also, they are safe for food and beverages because the paperboard for folded cartons is anti-toxic
  2. They are cost-effective because their production rate is high and the cost of production is low. Also, they are rigid and can easily hold heavy and fragile products without the danger of damage during shipping
  3. They look beautiful and have stunning designs. Which is why the value of these vibrant packages is quite high in the market. Thus, they can raise the sales value of any product with their unique display designs  
  4. Despite the paperboard used is rigid for the purpose of keeping the products damage-free, it can still be customized in a lot of shapes and sizes. And, you can always choose the designs and dimensions according to your choice.
  5. The paperboards used can be of multiple kinds. You can pick one according to the strength that you require to keep your products safe. Also, you can choose between options like wet proofing the cartons so that the products remain unaffected by moisture



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