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5 Things to Consider for Selecting a Recruiting Software

5 Things to Consider for Selecting a Recruiting Software

The advancements in software are steering the evolution of the talent acquisition throughout the world. A recruiting software is essential for the success of your recruiting agency. It is important for the talent acquisition professionals to get a grasp on the new advancements in technologies which help them succeed in present-day resource-conscious and candidate-driven market. Recruiting software helps the talent acquisition department to make the hiring process hassle-free. Acquiring the right talent is one of the biggest challenges every business has to face. This becomes even tougher for the small businesses. Recruiting software helps you place great talent. A good recruiting software saves you money and time by guiding you to find the suitable candidates in cost-effective and most efficient manner. With tons of recruiting software tools out there, it is not easy to figure out which one is worth investing in! Deciding upon the right recruiting software is important if you want to enhance your hiring process. In this article, we’ll explore some of the crucial things you need to consider while selecting a recruiting software for your business.

  1. Integration

Majority of the recruitment agencies and the businesses work on various platforms for external and internal communication. One important thing you need to consider is, the recruitment software must be able to integrate with existing social recruiting tools, career page, and the mobile applications. The all-new recruitment software must integrate effortlessly with what we are already working on. The transition must be quick, smooth and it offers good flexibility in our day to day operations.

  1. Intuitiveness

Intuitiveness is super important as we don’t want to heat up our mind by trying to understand the features and mess up with the software whenever we want to do something really urgent. The recruiting software which doesn’t demand extensive technical knowledge and weeks of training is considered veru desirable. By this yardstick, Recruiterflow is the best recruiting software for agencies. It is highest rated by all experts and has a really slick user experience that is a breathe of fresh air. As most of the recruiting tools are giving away the trial version for some period, the trial period should be enough to get an idea on the features. Exploring the trial version is the best way to explore the recruiting software and find out if it is the right one for you.

  1. Cloud model

Cloud computing is probably the biggest technological advancement in the last couple of year, that had brought great ease in doing business operations. The in-house traditional systems need the expensive hardware and servers to run the software. Luckily, we don’t need to spend huge money on infrastructure or on support to set up a recruiting software which runs on the cloud-based system. We can also access the software remotely on the laptop, tablet or even the phone.

  1. Requisition Management

Business needs recruiting tools to help the hiring managers to create and save any number of acquisitions. All the hiring revisions for new postings, locations etc must be stored in a database. It must maintain the current status of the acquisition and create the revisions if necessary. This kind of organized data simplifies the workflow and approval process becomes much easier. A good recruiting software must be able to filter down the candidates based on competencies and skill sets which are mentioned in the job template. In this way, it speeds up the recruiting process and moves along more efficiently.

  1. Candidate engagement

One thing which is the most overlooked in the hiring process is the companies stop nurturing or engaging the job applications. Many studies proved that candidate engagement has got a great set of benefits. If you are someone who wants to treat the candidates just like the customers, you need to check whether the recruiting software has got the feature to build a pipeline of candidates, so that everything is prepared when we have the roles to fill.

It is a good idea to spend some time to explore the different options available in the market. 90% of recruiting software comes with the free trials. Get the trial versions and check out if they have got everything you need from a recruiting software. Fast application processing, mobile-readiness, flexibility, employment regulations etc are some of the factors which you need to check while selecting a recruitment software for your company. The best recruiting software for agencies can scale up and grow with your business. It just requires a minimal training, so that it takes just a few minutes to train a recruiter or hiring manager on the system.


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