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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Corporate Souvenir

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Corporate Souvenir

Corporate souvenirs help make your company’s events more memorable to its attendees. You should definitely consider giving out tokens of appreciation to your guests next time you hold an event. While a corporate souvenir is comparable to a party loot bag, there are still a few different considerations you should think about when shopping for the right item. Here’s a short list of tips that will guide you in choosing a gift that your guests, clients, and business partners will definitely be happy to have.

  • Pick something that you would be delighted to own.

Ask yourself this: is the gift you are eyeing something that you yourself will be delighted to receive and own? If you answered yes, then it’s definitely worth considering. If not, or if you find the item a little too cheesy or a burden to own, then there’s a good chance the recipients will feel the same way. In short, go with your gut. In addition, try to take everyone’s feelings into consideration when picking out a corporate souvenir.

  • Choose a souvenir type that’s easy to brand with your company’s name or logo.

Less is more in this day and age, and people largely appreciate gifts that they can easily carry around with them. Professionals need to have an inordinate amount of essentials on hand at all times, so if you want them to use the gift frequently, you better choose something that’s relatively light and portable. You can go with wearable items like colorful hard enamel lapel pins and woven lanyards, which can be easily imprinted with the event’s logo. Electronic items, sleek earphones, charging cables, and power banks with your company’s name are also a good idea.

  • Make sure that the souvenir is of exceedingly high quality.

A corporate souvenir should always be durable and attractive. While this may certainly end up bumping its cost a fair bit, it’s much better than saving a bundle but putting your company’s name on something that looks cheap or breaks easily. Even if it is common knowledge that the company emblazoned on the souvenirs is not necessarily the item’s manufacturer, the quality of the souvenir still reflects on the company’s image. You don’t want your clients to remember your company due to a broken charging cable, after all. While they may be a bit costlier, high quality souvenirs will ensure that your clients or guests will have a great impression of your company’s services or products.

  • Choose a souvenir that can be related to your company or business.

Pick a souvenir type that relates to the nature of your company or industry. This will solidify your branding by helping the client form a mental connection between your business and the item. For example, if your company provides office merchandise, choose a souvenir that is related to that industry, such as embossed pens or sticky notes. If your business involves medical equipment, then disposable gloves, hand disinfectants, or even packets of absorbent tissue paper are good choices.

  • Always shop around before deciding on a supplier.

Don’t settle for the first souvenir supplier that you come upon. Thanks to the internet as well as the free market, you’ll always be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking out a supplier that fits your budget. Take the time to do the research and legwork. The time and effort spent will be worth the savings.

Picking out the perfect corporate souvenir can be a bit of an ordeal, especially if it’s your first time doing so, or if you want to make it as special and as memorable as possible. However, by keeping the above mentioned tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose one that’s perfect for all your needs as well as something that will make a positive impression on the recipients of the gift.

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