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5 tips to get the right marketing agency for your enterprise initiatives

5 tips to get the right marketing agency for your enterprise initiatives

If you work for a large company with a defined structure of functions, the marketing function, with its different roles and responsibilities may not necessarily be clearly defined. Indeed, at many enterprises companies, the function of marketing is treated as a shared service. In other words, parts of marketing work falls under the sales division, parts to an actual marketing team while other work is done by digital strategy teams.

In our experience, the larger the organization, the more complex your marketing challenges.

To sort through all the intricacies of the marketing work, many companies choose to use outside help. They contract their work to third party agencies who are really skilled at doing a particular job right. These agencies often rise above internal politics and deliver amazing quality work which helps large organizations meet their overall business objectives.

But in a world full with marketing companies, how do you choose the right partner for your upcoming marketing work. Maybe you need to look for Chicago marketing companies in order to choose the right professional strategic consultants for your business. Where do you start? In this article, we focus on providing you with five actionable tips to find the right Chicago digital marketing agency for your business.

Find a marketing agency who believes your success is theirs

When choosing a marketing consulting partner, you need to make sure you find an agency that has a great grasp on the market you operate in, your own line of business, your competitors and your products. Best marketing companies out there understand your customers’ needs and expectations and how to best craft a message and marketing plan which will resonate with your customers in and out. So when looking for your next partner, try to find someone who is committed to medium and long-term objectives, who offers to get involved in the success of your business and who can help you define clear objectives and measurable KPIs for your marketing efforts. Best agencies are those who truly take your success to heart and strongly believe that your success is yours.

Find an agency that can really evaluate where you are positioned in the market

Don’t’ try to find a marketing company which simply tells you what you want to hear. Instead, find agencies that are uniquely positioned to evaluate your company’s position within the market you operate in. If you resort to engaging with a marketing agency for your marketing work, it means something isn’t going quite right with your current efforts.

Maybe you don’t have the right resources internally or maybe your team is swamped with current workload. Whatever the reason, when you get a partner you must get just that: a real life partner. And what partners do, like friends, they tell you the truth for what it is. They don’t sugar-coat it – they tell you exactly where you’re at.

And how do they do that? It’s simple – by being subject matter experts who can diagnose your current situation and provide actionable advice on how to course correct. But finding the right agency, with the right amount of experience and knowledge is never easy. So depending on your industry, you need to make sure you are working with someone who can really know more about marketing than you currently do. Because that’s what you’re paying for – knowledge & experience.

So, for example, if you’re in the healthcare business, make sure you choose an agency that stays on top of the latest healthcare trends like artificial intelligence, big data or telemedicine. Or if you’re in the financial space, choose a partner who knows all about blockchain, influencer outreach, chatbots and other financial services marketing techniques.

Whatever your industry, find marketing agencies that know more about that industry than you do. And who can tell you where you’re at and how to get to where you want to be.

Set clear objectives with the agency you plan to work with

With precise positioning and strategic direction, your marketing partner can define specific goals to be met for your campaign. These objectives need to be clearly defined, achievable and easy to measure.

The right strategic partner will help you create a robust marketing strategy which is easy to follow so that you can also get stakeholder alignment from within your own organization. That said, most of the partnerships between companies and marketing agencies fail as a result of the fact that clear objectives are not defined upfront. Which is why you need to ask your prospective marketing partner before you even sign a contract how they measure success, how they help their clients define clear objectives and how they plan on helping you, directly, position your marketing efforts for success.

Choose an agency that can execute well

An exceptional marketing agency partner will help you develop systematic, precise, quantifiable activities that will set your marketing campaigns for success. So when choosing a partner, you must look at their strategic views, their implementation plan and their success stories together. Get an agency that’s not afraid to innovate. Get an agency that’s not afraid to experiment with new things.

The secret is to find an implementation partner who has an exceptional ability to execute. A standard marketing plan includes marketing positioning, strategic insights, a clear implementation schedule and a robust analytical framework to measure what works and what doesn’t. So try to probe your potential marketing about each of these deliverables – how they work, how they think about marketing and what they plan to do to execute well.

Work with a partner which can evaluate the performance of a campaign

If you get the right agency partner, they’ll execute on a campaign and then you can measure the results against your original expectations. But with marketing, sometimes it’s difficult to actually measure the success of a campaign right away. A strategic agency for your business will understand that. So what brilliant marketing agencies do is define intermediate success metrics. In other words, you may not necessarily know if a campaign is truly successful right away. But any great agency will work with you to define a series of intermediate success criteria which will indicate if you’re on the right path. Having a partner with a robust ROI measurement matrix is crucial to defining a marketing plan that will set your business for success.




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