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6 Pros of using marketing automation tools for effectively advertising on Instagram

6 Pros of using marketing automation tools for effectively advertising on Instagram

Instagram is easily the most happening and popular social media sites in recent times. With no big writeups and paragraphs that are bound to suck your time out, Instagram makes it simple, sweet and pleasant by letting us post pictures and let the pictures speak a story of their own. It is by far the easiest way to capture a large sect of audience given a whopping 900 million users as of early 2018. Also this photo and video sharing app is being considered as the most influential app till date.

Marketing Automation – What is it?

As the world is becoming more and more digitized and automated with each passing day, marketing automation is the new kid (also the cool one) in the block. Marketing automation refers to a set of software that aims at making marketing more efficient and revenue generating. In this fast-paced world, it is very much advisable to let the system do its job for marketing, as it collects real-time and updated data from the browsing patterns and usage history of millions using the web.

This aspect of automating the marketing comes into picture when the automation is repetitive and should be done across various platforms. Much time and energy gets wasted if a team is appointed for the same. If you are someone who is looking for easy, hassle-free, streamlined methods and techniques to market your business and to increase your revenue curve then market automation is what you must be reaching out for.

Six Pros of using Market Automation Tools for Advertising Effectively on Instagram:

  1. Targeted Audience

Since Market Automation tools identify the user’s preferences based on their browsing history, the pictures they like, the hashtags they use and the accounts they follow – these tools serve as the most effective ones in targeting the audience. The job is half done if the correct bunch of audience is reached. In simpler terms if you are a fashion-conscious person, you post photos of the latest designs and trends and your usage statistics also reveals you follow such kind of posts and pages, the market automation tool deems you fit enough to be the audience of a newly launched denim brand’s ad.

  1. High ROI

ROI or Return on Investment is an important thing to be considered in cases of businesses that are small scaled or have just begun. If you are a startup the best and the most viable thing that you can do to improvise your product advertisement reach is to buy a good market automation tool and invest one time on it, rather than hiring a bunch of market research professionals. The former is more result oriented and accurate after all!

  1. Response Data and Feedback Collection

So, you roll out a new ad for your organization, and you wait for the response to see how well the ads have reached the audience. One advantage of Marketing Automation tools for Instagram ads automation is that one can easily find how interested the audiences are in that particular ad of yours, with the response data the tool collects every time somebody sees the ad. What more is, you can make the ad even lively and interactive by including various poll options that Instagram provides to analyze and understand if what you have given to them is in reality what they like.

  1. Easy and Better Reach

These days, having an online presence is mandatory. Every single company in this planet is working on having a good online reach and presence. With targeted audiences and a holistic approach, marketing automation tools have the major advantage of reaching a whole bunch of audience within matter of seconds, which is for sure an impossible thing in case of conventional marketing. Also by Instagram ads automation, the reach of your product is sure to be much better.

  1. Scheduled Ads

As the word itself suggests, marketing automation is all about “automation”. If you are running a huge business then wasting your time over posting the same ad in regular intervals manually is going to be time consuming. At times, you might even forget to post your ads, which might not be very fruitful for you in terms of revenue. With Market Automation, you can schedule your ads, thus enabling you to concentrate and focus on things which are more important than renewing ads.

  1. Detailed Reporting

One can run a detailed report on how good the ad campaign is doing. Market Automation solutions help us in running reports at any given point in time, which helps us in understanding the statistics and real-time figures regarding the campaign. This will in turn aid to a greater extent in planning any future ad campaigns

All the above pros and many more make market automation the most sought-after option when it comes to advertising yourself across any online platform, not just Instagram. If you are looking to establish yourself big and retain customers at the same time, then you know what your option is!



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