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6 Services a Branding Agency Can Offer You

6 Services a Branding Agency Can Offer You

Are you opening up a new restaurant or store? Is your company in need of a brand refresh? Would you like to explore digital advertising instead of just sticking to traditional media?

If you’re setting up shop or want a rejuvenated brand, then you can definitely benefit from the creativity and masterful execution that an experienced branding company in Dubai can offer.

Regardless of whether you are starting your own venture or are in charge of the branding and communications arm of your company, you would want to work with an agency that injects a pop of color into the equation. More often, brands that are a head above the rest are those whose communication efforts carry a unique personality. These brands have a colorful character, imbued with a soul of their own that is easily recognized by its intended audience.

Companies who are fortunate to work with professional branding and communication agencies have an advantage. The agency’s width and breadth of experience in various fields allows them to provide expert insight that spurs creativity. This can then be poured into whatever advertising, branding, communication, or marketing needs that you may have.

In addition, a good branding and communication agency has a variety of services tucked under its belt. Depending on your needs, they can tailor a more bespoke solution to your branding or communication needs with specialists that can help your company thrive.

Here are some of the services that a branding agency can offer you:

1.     Brand Identity

An effective agency should be able to come up with a brand identity that differentiates you from the rest. It should be distinctive and recognizable. This includes not only your logo, but also other visual elements – from the smallest company notepad up to huge billboards, social media, or digital signage.

Understanding who you are as a brand and a company, your competitors, and the market you are in are essential factors that a smart agency must also consider. These are key ingredients in putting together branding tools that are believable, different, and relatable to your target audience.

2.     Brand Strategy

A dependable agency can also help you in formulating an effective brand strategy. Knowing where you want your brand to go will aid you in crafting branding and communication efforts that will support the brand’s mission and vision.

A thoughtfully created brand architecture can provide a more cohesive brand language that can be used by everyone in your company. This way, you can all speak with one voice and resonate well with your target audience.

3.     Communication

To support your brand strategy, an adept agency will assist you in crafting the right content and messages. These will be distributed through various communication mediums to reach the right audience.

Be it on social media, traditional advertising channels, digital platforms, and other similar mediums, creating a consistent and coherent message is key in making your brand seen, heard, and felt.

4.     Digital

Going digital is another important strategic branding tool. It is another medium that can put your message across to your intended audience using a more technological approach.

Through well-designed apps and digital platforms, as well as cleverly crafted copy, your brand’s personality will shine through via bytes and pixels, reaching out to a more diverse, tech-savvy audience. Not only will these strikingly designed components catch your audience’s eye, but the strategy and purposeful management of your social media program will also be set in place before you launch into the World Wide Web.

5.     Literature and corporate material

While online and digital are common mediums nowadays, traditional print media is still essential in any business. Finely crafted business cards, menu pages, comprehensive brochures, and other corporate stationery and point-of-sale materials still have a place in the world of business. The tactile feel of leafing through a beautifully designed coffee table book or product specification sheet still sits well with a specific set of people.

Different messages must use different mediums, and documents such as annual reports and IPO credentials will have a better impact when presented on print.

6. Naming

Giving birth to a company, a brand, or a product requires giving it a name. Doing so can be a tricky situation as it should encompass a keen understanding of your company or brand’s personality.

With the help of sharp brand identity specialists, you can have a better chance on coming up with a name that is memorable, relevant, and meaningful.

A Brighter Business

With the assistance of a well-equipped and insightful branding and communications agency, you can look forward to a brighter tomorrow in business. The above-mentioned services are just some of the areas of expertise that these skillful communicators and brand architects can help you with.

If you wish to ensure that your brand or business flourishes, all you need to do is call on them and they will certainly tap their expertise to help you welcome success.


Stuart Harris is the Creative Director at Yellow, a Dubai branding agency, digital partner and advertising company working with progressive businesses to build bold, meaningful brands.

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