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A Comprehensive Guild to Incident Reporting

A Comprehensive Guild to Incident Reporting

An incident report is said to be done or completed whenever an accident or an incident happens in the workplace. It can be said to be one of the most useful information in an investigation process, most organizations especially schools and health care facilities, as well as any organization that value the wellbeing, safety, and health of it’s employees should ensure to have an incident management system in place. Companies with 10 employees and above are required by law to always have a record of incidents in the workplace, but the problem is, most managers lack the knowledge of writing an incident report. Although this article is a guild to assist you through the process of incident reporting, we still encourage you visit incident reporting sites like for a better understanding on how to report an incident.

What is an incident report?

The definition of “incident” is what determines the correct answer to this question. Incidents can be injuries, accidents, or other safety or health issues, security issues, property damage, conduct of the workplace (this can also include the behavior of employees outside the workplace). The incident of employees changes according to the reported incident type.

The very first step involve in incident investigation procedure is reporting the initial incident. No matter the type of incident, the way it is documented is what outlines.

  1. What happened?
  2. When did it happen?
  3. Where exactly did it happen?
  4. How did it happen?
  5. Who did it happened to?
  6. Who did the reporting?
  7. The parties involved?
  8. What injury and damage occur?

The report on the incident can be initiated as follows:

  • A report by a customer
  • A hotline call
  • A manager knowledgeable about the incident etc.

Why an employee should report an incident.

An incident report acts as the original record of any incident and every other activity with regard to such an incident and this depends greatly on the original information contained in the document. Reporting incident early enables organizations respond to issues quickly, as well provide solutions to issues and take precautionary measures to minimize risk. An employee should always ensure to report incidents as it:

  • Helps to know those risky areas.
  • Helps in triggering investigation
  • Gives relevant information to be used for investigation

How do I write an incident report?

For those incidents that involve regulatory requirements like those under Title VII and Title IX as well as the ones involving OHSA violations in Canada and OSHA in the United States. Such incidents need to be recorded in accordance to the state and federal provincial guild lines provided by the government.



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