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A Look At The Career Benefits Of Six Sigma Certification

A Look At The Career Benefits Of Six Sigma Certification


If you are in the corporate world then you definitely would have heard about this concept called lean six sigma. Well, the only step separating you from being a team member and a team lead is the coveted six sigma black belt. Today, we will be listing out all the possible career benefits of being a certified lean six sigma personnel. 

Career benefits of having a six sigma certification are as follows:

1) On an individual basis, Six Sigma teaches you to identify and eliminate error to a level that the defects per million opportunities (DPMO) reduce to a minimum number that creates for you an admirable track record.

2) Professionals with six sigma certifications are paid well. It takes a good amount of effort to pass the examination levels and equal display of the work capabilities to make the most of this learning experience and hence, by doing this particular certification course you can earn better than your peers. 

3) You get the chance to gain hands-on experience with various quality check procedures that helps you to seamlessly optimize the workflow of the project at hand. The basic motto of six sigma is to create optimization, to reduce the errors made, and to do enhanced quality control. This certification prepares you to make the most of available resources and deliver more than the expected results.

4) Helps improve your credibility. Having this certification shows your potential employer or client that you are inclined towards making better use of available resources, possess leadership skills and are a definite asset for the organization.

5) It is important to go beyond the operational aspect of your work. Six Sigma teaches you the essential leadership skills that will help you to bring about a change not only in operations but the overall working of the organization. People aiming for better managerial positions should definitely look into the EZSigma courses available.

In recent times, trends show that HR prefers candidates with such certifications. In the long run, training the employees of the organization with such important skill sets has now become a part of major conglomerates and hence, such skills will definitely add more value to your resume.

These certificates help you stay competitive and maintain your employability chances where the number of available jobs is declining. Pro-activeness towards actively learning new things is essential.






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