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Shortly following her graduation from Montclair State University, Larissa Castelluber decided to jump headfirst into the design and marketing world and open her very own firm. She thought that she could add unique and valuable options to the solutions that were being offered at the time. That idea became the hybrid design and marketing company Design Moves LLC, which six years later is going stronger than ever.

Larissa says the name gets it’s inspiration from the literal idea of movement, that life is full of actions, and the products that Larissa and her company was offering would propel businesses further in their goals, as well. It has also kept the company from having to narrow to one niche type of market.

The company first set up shop in the ever active New York City metropolitan area, and was quickly met with critical acclaim. Most of the initial direction Design Moves went was into the fashion world. Always an art lover, Larissa had the thought to bring in local creative artists to collaborate on campaigns. This had great residual effect in spreading the word through the local market, which in the heart of New York goes far.

Larissa said she realized she had a real knack for finding exactly what the client wants and creating an active partnership. It wasn’t long before Design Moves was being requested to partake in other fashion events around the country, and then around the world. This led to design and marketing contracts in other fields, where Larissa says the company found its real ability to adapt.

But the hustle and bustle of New York City, while great for business, has it’s wear after a while. Larissa found the company had begun to grow a real pair of legs and had something to stand on, but it needed a place to stretch them.

The search for a new home base concluded in Southern Florida. According to Larissa, it’s the perfect place for the company to call home. She has already seen the effects of the extra vitamin D on her employees, and says that the quality of life has been much improved. Larissa admits the playful yet relaxed attitude of the beaches and communities here is a much better fit for Design Moves.

Personal benefits aside, the move has also made a positive shift in the professional direction of the company. The seeds for working deeper with community projects which started in New York has really sprouted up and Design Moves has been working with local governments. So far the company has partnered with the City of Hallandale Beach and the Go Bond Parks Initiative, to create a large-scale public mural project and to redesign and rejuvenate public parks, respectively.

Larissa says this has been some of the most rewarding work she’s done, that there’s nothing like helping to build up entire neighborhoods or communities. The success of these projects and others like them has inspired Design Moves to go further down the path, as they are now trying to branch out into federal government projects.

Design Moves LLC now holds its offices in Oakland Park, Florida. Business both big and small, as well as individuals, are encouraged to visit, to learn more about Larissa and the company’s services. There are also featured events, case studies, and a shop for marketing related e-books.

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