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Human Resource (HR) Software

Also known as Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Human Capital Management (HCM) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a system a company utilizes to effectively manage its employees, automating manual tasks, and keeping information in order. HR software first started managing and optimizing daily human resources tasks in the 1970s. Throughout the years, it became widely available and even more common to enterprise clients. Today, HR software makes it easier for HR staff and managers to distribute their resources to more lucrative and profitable efforts that help to better the organization.

HR software assists an organization by creating data-driven reports electronically, updates of employee directories, and even performance management.

By purchasing a HR software program (package or a la carte) there are many advanced features that a company may benefit from it:

  • Better consulting, staffing, recruiting and professional services
  • Improves workflow, tracking and increases organizational efficiency
  • Stores and secures employee data
  • Pre-boarding, on boarding, and off boarding automation
  • Goal tracking
  • More accurate analytics
  • Provides strategic insight
  • Improvements in recruitment
  • Decrease in errors
  • And many more

Why it’s great

HR cloud-based software is more prevalent and preferred primarily because it saves labor time and allows employees to retrieve information from their desktops, laptops, smartphones, and even tablets anywhere at any time. HR software reduces the time employees spend on low-impact repetitive tasks that prevent them to focus on more relevant responsibilities and long-term strategic outcomes.

Why you need it

Designed to help employees and management to perform on their full potential in order to boost productivity and overall company satisfaction, the HR software features may vary from system to system, but additional features include:

  •  Core HR (Personnel Tracking)
    • Employee database, Job information, Current and Historical salary data, Employee availability
  • Time and Attendance
    •  Workforce scheduling, Time tracking, Absence management
  • Payroll
    • Salary tracking, Bonuses, Paycheck calculations, Tax withholdings, Tax filing and reporting
  • Employee Self-Service
    • Time off requests, Payroll information, Company announcements
  •  Benefits Administration
    • Employee access to personal information, Insurance information, Life events management, Wellness programs
  • Performance Review
    • Competencies, Employee feedback, Goal setting, Annual reviews
  • Applicant Tracking
    • Job requisitions, Job postings, Interview management, Screening and background checks
  • Learning Management
    • Certification management, Assessment tools, Training administration

If you have decided that HR software can improve and change the way your company functions from the inside, SaucedIt can provide you further details and other HR-related services that can help you get started. 

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