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Are Walk-In Tubs worth it?

Are Walk-In Tubs worth it?

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in our houses. It is a place where we spend a considerable amount of time bathing, showering, freshening up, and relaxing. As grateful as we are for the practicality and usefulness of our bathroom spaces, it is vital to be watchful when using the bathroom. Bathrooms could be a dangerous place as the soapy surfaces and slippery floor are often the cause of severe injuries and even fatal accidents at home. A walk-in tub would be great for you for a more comfortable, safe, and therapeutic bathing experience.

Who should buy a walk-in tub?

Walk-in tubs are nothing but bathtubs with a watertight door. It allows you to step into the bathtub over a low threshold for improved safety while getting into the bathtub.

For household members who are ageing, physically challenged or suffering from physical injuries, using bathtubs independently could be risky.It can lead to falls as well. If any of your family members are unable to bath on their own, it is worth it to consider walk-in tubs.

Please take a look at some of the pros of walk-in tubs from experts to find out whether this safer choice is worth it for your home.

Simplified accessibility and safety features of walk-in tubs:

A walk-in tub is different from regular bathtubs in different ways, whereas the low threshold door entrance is the important one. Traditional bathtubs usually have high walls that need to be climbed over while getting in and out.It can be dangerous for people with limited mobility. For bathroom renovations Sydney walk-in tubs can be customised based on the safety needs and requirements of homeowners.

Some of the popular accessibility features include:

  • Easy to reach controls
  • Special configuration for wheelchair transfers
  • Extra-wide entry doors
  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Strategically placed handrails and more.

Style choices for Walk-in tubs:

For bathroom renovations North Shore homeowners have plenty of choices when it comes to designing the style of their new walk-in tub. The actual layout can be picked from various colours, models, seat choices, control options, and other features.

Hydrotherapy benefits of walk-in tubs:

Elderly family members or people living with physical impairments suffer from arthritis, tired muscles and other ills. A hot soak in a bathtub can be a great way to relieve muscle tension and stress. However, for people who cannot climb in and out of the tub, this is not easy.

That is why walk-in tubs are a popular choice for people living with mobility issues. These tubs offer good therapeutic relief with hydrotherapy options like coloured lights for ambience, whirlpool jets, and more features that is meant to enhance the wellness experience. So while planning bathroom renovations North Shoreit is worth it to consider installing walk-in tubs.

Water depth:

Walk-in tubs offer better water depth compared to traditional tubs as there is no need to step over a tall wall. Standard bathtubs are 13 to 14 inches deep, whereas walk-in tubs can be up to 4 feet deep for a relaxed bathing experience while seated securely.

Walk-in tubs also come with different luxury features like heated seating, chromotherapy lighting etc. So when it’s time for bathroom renovations Western Sydney choose a walk-in tub for added comfort.

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