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Austin Fire Extinguisher Service, Inspection & Training

Austin Fire Extinguisher Service, Inspection & Training

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a fire broke out in your home or workplace? What about how you would handle fire and what steps you would take to keep everyone safe? Most individuals would not know what to do and would have to stop to read the instructions on the fire extinguisher before proceeding. Did you know there are locations that offer training on how to handle a fire? Omega Safety Training, in Austin, offers training courses on how to put out fires for individuals and staff in the workplace.

Why Do I Need Training?

Knowing about fires can help you know to handle a fire in an emergency. Knowing the different types and what you need to do for each makes a big difference when it comes to a life saved. Depending on the type of fire extinguisher, would depend on how you use it. If it’s portable or not is a big question you’ll want to be answered before an emergency takes place. Having a fire plan prior to an emergency is also very important and can save a life, property, and tons of money on any damages caused by a fire.

What is Part of my Training?

Training includes information on the different types of fires and how fire evolves over time. It also includes training on the different types of fire extinguishers and how to use them. Not only does this training prepare you for an emergency, but it also prepares you in preventative maintenance. The training includes teaching you how to inspect fire extinguishers to ensure they are up to date. It also prepares you for how to prevent a fire and what you should do in an emergency. Sometimes, fires cannot be put out with an extinguisher, and this training will help you determine when that is and when you should run. How to use an extinguisher is covered, as well as how to place and check your smoke alarms. Lastly, information is given on what to do when there is smoke. Practice also occurs during training.

Why Choose Austin Fire Extinguisher Safety Training?

Omega Safety Training offers various fire scenes to accommodate any scenario and number of people. The screens are played repeatedly to offer multiple chances to practice. The flames are lifelike and instructors have their own screen to change the difficulty per student or to change the scene. The training occurs in one sitting, so once you have gone through all the information and powerpoints, you will immediately go into the practicum without needing to travel to a new location. The simulators used are real life to provide the best training and results. The nozzle on the extinguishers is an important part of fire safety. Austin Fire Training recognizes this and has an alert for the instructor to ensure each trainee is opening the nozzle all the way to successfully put out a fire.

The screens used can simulate real fires in the workplace or home by using images pulled from those locations. This lifelike property prepares everyone for the real scenario. The difficulty can be managed automatically or by the instructor depending on what’s needed. The instructor can also prolong a fire if an individual or group needs more practice in a specific scenario. Sounds are added to simulate real-life fires and extinguishers. They also added in sounds of the environment based on the actual home or workplace of those being trained. Data is electronically recorded to it is easy for employers to see that training has been done for specific employees. Data is also recorded for how much fuel and an extinguishing agent is used to ensure compliance with environmental standards. Training is provided with a virtual firefighter if it’s needed for when there are two people fighting a fire. Lastly, training is multilingual.

Austin Fire Extinguisher Training offers it all when it comes to fire training.

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