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  • GDPR Action and Fines So Far
    6:37 AM

    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation brings about new regulations surrounding data privacy. It sees a fresh set of rules that govern how personal and sensitive information is gathered, stored, and disposed of. Harsher punishments are introduced for business and responsible individuals who do not comply with these regulations. In the UK, the Data

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  • Choosing the Proper Cutting Tool for Lathe Operations
    10:49 AM

    A machinist has to make a lot of decisions, but selecting the right cutting tool for the job is very important. There are basic tips here that you will find useful if it is for lathe operations. Knowing how to operate the lathe is equally important to know which tool to use. Tools for the

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  • How does Intellectual Property Have a Value in the Business?
    2:30 PM

    Intellectual Protection means exclusive rights that are associated with creations of the mind. As per the IP law, assets that are intangible, like designs, phrases, literary and artistic work, images and symbols can be protected. There are different types of IP rights, such as, trademark, copyright, patent, designs that enable the owners to earn recognition

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  • Have Smooth Trademark Registration Experience With A Reliable Partner
    8:39 AM

    Every business regardless of its type, size, functionality, location, etc. knows the importance of trademark registration for protecting their brand from misuse. In today’s aggressive and competitive marketplace if you have a valid trademark registration, you can prevent a fraudster from using your brand mark and can save our brand reputation which might have taken

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  • Making the most of investments
    8:31 AM

    With inflation eating away at the value of many Americans’ savings, it’s definitely wise to think about putting money in a more returns-friendly financial services product rather than leaving it to languish in the bank. From stocks and shares to contracts for difference (CFDs), there are plenty of choices available when it comes to building

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  • Advantages of Computing Amortization
    11:45 AM

    Amortization for starters is a way of distributing your payment into small amounts setting different time periods for payment within the duration of a loan. This is a right way of handling your payments for loans and allocating the long-term debt of an intangible asset which benefits the status of your finances in the business.

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  • 3 Key Reasons You Should Train Your Staff to Handle Change
    6:08 AM

    Did you know that the way you handle change directly correlates with how you manage stress overall? Or that when just one of your staff members reacts badly to change that it could – and will – interrupt the entire working atmosphere? It is true. When people react negatively to change they become irritable, angry,

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  • Digital vs. offset printing- which to choose?
    9:43 AM

    Every business has an undeniable need for printing. Yes, printing is an absolute necessity to produce office stationery like visiting cards and letterheads or promotional material like brochures and leaflets. So every entrepreneur has to take a number of decisions regarding printing – the design, layout, colour schemes, number etc. But above all this, the

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  • Enhancing Window Security To Ensure Safety
    9:20 AM

    14-06-2018 A glass window is the best way to get the sunlight inside whereas it can also welcome the damage as well. Intruders can easily escape after damaging the building as it takes 10-15 minutes for the help to arrive even if the window is alarmed. To strengthen our safety and security, we should use

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