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Backyard Beautiful – The Top Additions That Count

Backyard Beautiful – The Top Additions That Count

Your backyard has the opportunity to be the most beautiful area of your home. It is really the only room where you can combine outdoor and indoor elements in a cohesive and functional space. When you decide to build in your backyard know that you are giving yourself and your family additional square footage to enjoy yourselves and entertain. As you think of what activities you most want in your backyard, know that you are only limited by your imagination. Here are some of the best amenities to place in your backyard.

A Backyard Deck

Building a backyard deck is a very smart decision. Many people vacillate about whether they should do it until they see one at their neighbor’s or friend’s home and are reminded of how beautiful and functional they are. Outdoor decking is the perfect place to focus your backyard activities. They provide a foundation for any activity you would like to have in your backyard.

You can choose many different surfaces to construct your desk from but the best and most beautiful is Merbau decking timber. This special and gorgeous wood is durable and easy to maintain. It can be stained or painted and made waterproof. This decking timber will last for decades and never lose its beauty.

You can use your deck to place an entertainment area complete with a big screen TV, stereo and even a barbecue area. You can also use this area as the place to hold family meetings and business meetings in your home.

You can go online to find hundreds of suggestions for deck design and choose one that fits the shape of your backyard and your needs. You can choose to build a large deck that cover a significant area of your backyard or one that only covers a small area. You can also build a small deck initially and then choose to build on to it later as your family size increases.

A Spa or Pool

There is no more enjoyment in a backyard during the summer days and nights than having access to water. This can meal having a pool in your backyard which is the ultimate in cool. During the days, your home will for sure be the most popular one on the block and if you have kids you will never have to wonder where they are because they will be splashing in the pool so often you will have to threaten them to get them out.

The pool can also be a gathering place in the evenings for the adults in the family and even the neighborhood. You can take evening swims and even have parties around the pool where the local families and friends can attend.

A spa is a different animal than a pool but no less enjoyable. With a spa it is all about relaxing and letting off stress. A spa has water jets that can be programmed to soothe sore muscles and get you calm after long work days and on weekends. Spas can seat 12 so you don’t have to worry about accommodating everyone.

You can also vary the water temperature so you can use your spa any time of year. Many homeowners like to fill it will hot water during the winter and have a great contrast with the cold weather. It is said to stimulate the senses and get the blood rushing. No matter which water choice you choose or if you choose both, you will certainly find that they are great additions to your backyard and beautiful too.



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