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Before Sending Goods Know More About Your Shipping Plans

Before Sending Goods Know More About Your Shipping Plans


No matter where you live, you always have connections to other parts of the world, through one way or the other. It may be due to business or personal family connections. For this purpose, you may want to send in goods to different countries. Whether it is USA, France, Canada or even china our neighbour, you cannot obviously take your goods yourself all the time. This is the part where the shipping companies like FedEx come into scene.

FedEx is basically a company which provides shipping services to businessmen, traders and regular domestic citizenry. They send in goods to different place through courier services such as by road, train, airways or ships. They charge money depending upon the type of content you send in. if you want to enquire about your shipping queries to different countries, you can contact a fedEx call [fedex โทร, which is the term in Thai] agent to foreign countries, who will help you and guide you through the procedure. Here is a little information beforehand.

  1. Type of parcel – FedEx categorizes its parcels into hazardous, dangerous and non-hazardous parcels. It also further categorizes them into breakable, non-breakable, perishable and so on. You can visit their website to know the details about this. If you want to ship such items to different countries, you may want to chose which type of mode to be taken. It can be airways, or through seas also. It can be through oceans also, but it takes a much longer time than airways and seas.
  2. Know the requirements– There are certain items that can be transported only through seas, and not through air, or vice versa. Shipping solutions are offered to such items at different costs and variations. You can inquire with the FedEx call about this information. Make sure your parcel falls within the category which can be parcelled.
  3. 3. Size of the shipment – Depending upon the size of the shipment, you can choose the available services accordingly. for example, for small and single packages, a service of FedEx lite is present. It is much less costly, and ships your items along with other smaller shipments only. this makes it much safer. For heavy and huge shipments, normal shipment services are available. It is often practised that bigger shipments are generally sent through seas. It takes a longer time, maybe two or three days. Sending through ocean may take weeks even. However, it reduces the cost considerably, which is a very important factor in trading and exporting business.  

So, keeping these factors in mind, you can choose the shipping mode you want to hire, to send your goods to different countries. Also, the distance and time required for the parcel to be delivered is to be kept in mind. Shipment companies offer Fastrack delivery within one or two days to shipments that require urgent delivery. Although the cost for this purpose is a slightly higher than other normal procedures. You can choose among these for a safe shipment delivery anytime, anywhere.


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