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Benefits of Automated Compliance Platforms to the Cannabis Industry

Benefits of Automated Compliance Platforms to the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has, suddenly, become a multi-million industry. Though it has been legal business in some parts of the world, it has, with time, emerged as one of the most income generating business. In countries such as the United States, cannabis has been fully legalized. However, reports state that the legalization of cannabis is only for medical use. In this case, any use of cannabis for any other reasons may leads to detention.

Today, cannabis business has been successful for numerous reasons. To begin with, the availability of retail management and automated compliance platforms has been a major cause. Through the platform, the cannabis industry has been able to work safely and without fear. Of late, such platforms have, been on the rise and they have majorly supported the cannabis industry.

The retail management and automated compliance platform have played various major roles since their establishment. First, they have enabled smooth operation among the cannabis dispensers and retailers. The platforms have gone further to legalize the cannabis business. As we speak, one of the leading retail platforms has raised $17 million from external investors. The capital is set to promote in various areas in the development of the cannabis industry.

Moving on, most cannabis dispensaries and retails have relied on investment firms for growth. This has applied mostly to the online oriented companies that have lately received strong support from such investment firms. Investment firms have also emphasized the development of the cannabis industry. They have collaborated with different organizations to provide this kind of support.

America’s leading retail management and automated compliance platform, Green Bits, has been hugely funded by numerous external supporters. Recently, it was awarded a whopping $19.3 million as the main helper of cannabis dispensaries in America. According to reports, this was a support to acknowledge their endless adoption and growth in the cannabis industry.

Through the retail management and automated compliance platform, it is clear that the cannabis industry has achieved a lot. As if that was not enough, recent report has it that there are still more projected to come. The platform has more to put on the table as it plans to improve on its most sensitive areas such as the sales and marketing amongst others. Through the funding, there are many great projects that the cannabis industry should expect.

The cannabis industry has come a long way to reach where it is presently. In the previous year, the automated compliance platforms enabled the engagement of additional seven states to the industry. The market has expanded massively, and more member states have been anticipated to join in the recent future. Presently, it is estimated that over 30 states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes only. In addition, there are 1000 dispensaries that are in operation curtsey of the automated compliance firm.

Investment firms have contributed massively by joining the industry. There has been growth that would not have been achieved organically. According to the CEO of one of the compliance firms, the industry has exponentially expanded and they are looking forward to reaching the highest limits.

In summary, the cannabis industries have much to offer the retail management and automated compliance platforms. They have been in the fore front to enable the trade run smoothly. Despite being an illegal business, automated compliance platforms have managed to make it legal and one of the biggest business industries in the world.



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