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Benefits of Living in Condo and Related Decorative Ideas

Benefits of Living in Condo and Related Decorative Ideas

You can have many living options like rental buildings, apartments and condo. There are various benefits when you choose to live in condo. Such buildings have many apartments each having all luxuries. In common, builders provide you swimming pool, restaurant, health club and other entertainment options. You don’t have to go outside at public places to enjoy such amenities. You feel safer when you live in condos. Decoration of a single home is another thing but decorating a condo is much more complicated job.

Decorating your condo

Mostly condos are manufactured over the area of 3.500 square feet area. Decorating a condo requires much creativity and imaginativity. Condo decoration [รับตกแต่งคอนโด, which is the term in Thai] includes arranging each and every thing beautifully and save space. Normally at house you need four-seater or six-seater dining table. But in condo you need to cover 750 square head area and make sitting arrangements for so many people. You can decorate living room in condo house giving it look of yard sale. For better lighting arrangement invest much in ceding and wall lighting. You can save in buying expensive fancy lighting but choose lighting article which gives bright sensation. Mostly people leave window shill bare or undecorated. Window area in condo houses are very big to cover so people avoid to cover it. This mostly leads to destroy the overall look of your house.

In a condo house you will see many cottages inside a building each looking similar to others. You don’t have to vanish your personality when you are investing in condo building. Inspite of the exterior is same of all condo cottages you can decorate your cottage with your own imagination. This will reflect your personality how beautifully you can decorate your condo house. To show your own taste and personality you can choose furniture, wall colours and interiors according to your choice. If budget is an issue you can decorate with less expensive curtains and some wall stickers. Putting some flower vases and photo frames also shows your personality.

Decorating small spaces beautifully

When you have small living area you can’t create lots of closets and wardrobes. The pretty simple way to organise the things is to use baskets or attaching cabinets. Thus, it will help you to arrange the things beautifully and cleaning the place easily. Condo decoration means separating each room from other with the help of manual partition. As these small constructed rooms don’t have partition between two rooms, you can use rugs or big size hanging paintings to divide two rooms.

Condo walk ways

As condo includes many cottages so decorating each cottage is individual’s personal choice. Decoration of walk ways, park area, pool area or health club is more responsible job. Every condo has different kind of walk ways of different size. Each need different arrangement to give over all beautiful look to a condo building. To decorate pool side walk way use less slippery tiles. This will give beautiful look and avoid algae. To decorate park walk way use natural plant like money plant and mushroom. To decorate parking lot, choose metal finish tiles. Glossy tiles are best for interiors while for exteriors mat finish tiles are best.


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