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Best money transferring start-ups that are better than banks

Best money transferring start-ups that are better than banks

How would you wire money to India from Singapore? Most of you will answer that through the money transferring companies. International funds transfer is a sector that has registered a significant growth in the recent years. With the increase in the remittances there has also been an increase in the number of such financial institutions which work in this sector. These money transfer companies have changed the way the traditional financial institutions like the banks work. They have brought in innovation in this field and made the funds transfer more safe and secure. Majority of the companies that have ventured into this sector are start ups. Without any doubt we can say that these start ups have outperformed the traditional banks.

In this post we’ll tell you about some of the best money transferring start ups that are working much better than the banks.

  1. TransferWise

TransferWise is one of the biggest start ups in the money transfer sector in headquartered in London. Although it was launched in the year 2011, it has made great strides in this field by accomplishing safe and secure peer to peer funds transfer. So if you are working in Singapore, you can easily wire money from china to your friends and family. This money transfer company has achieved huge success just in less than six years. This shows huge commitment and dedication on the part of its employees. It has also been featured in the news many times doe being the best and the cheapest money transfer service. You can even access its services online via the web.

  1. Xoom

Xoom was one of the first companies to venture into the business of money transfer. Launched in the year 2001, this start up is now trusted by millions of people all over the world. Over the period of 16-17 years of it formation, this start up has now developed into a full-fledged financial institution and has built a reputation for itself through swift money transfer across the globe. If you haven’t yet tried its superb services we will recommend you to wire money to japan using Xoom.

  1. Instarem

Instarem was initially founded as a start up in the remittance business. Later it ventured into the international transfer of money. They provide peer to peer money transfer services across several countries. Instarem makes use of the best technology and ensures that your hard-earned money is transferred safely and reaches the intended recipient. So if you wish to wire money to India from Singapore you can use the services of Instarem without any hesitation.

  1. M-Pesa

Undoubtedly this is the best money transferring start up in the recent times. It is a company that provides money transfer and other financing services, including the microfinance. It was launched by the Vodafone in 2007 and is one of the most successful funds transfer service today. M-Pesa is based on mobile money and allows you to make both the peer to peer and consumer to business types of fund transfers. Many people around the globe have benefitted from the finance and transfer services of M-Pesa. Using the M-Pesa services you can easily deposit, transfer, withdraw, and pay for any other goods and services with its mobile phone interface. So if you wish to wire money to netherland you can easily do this via M-Pesa.

These start ups mentioned above are just a few of the many working in this field. Use their services and they will not disappoint you for sure.

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