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Best tools for investors and entrepreneurs

Best tools for investors and entrepreneurs

Even top entrepreneurs and expert investors sometimes struggle to manage all their personal and business tasks, while keeping a close eye on the markets. To improve your productivity and

increase your opportunities to achieve financial success, there are hundreds ofpopular tools on the market. We’vegathered four of the best options for investors and entrepreneurs right here to save you precious time and help you make the most informed decisions about the software you use.

Project management: Trello

Project management can sometimes be extremely stressful, especially if you need to synchronise tasks and goals for a largeteam. Having to deal with numerous to do lists will inevitably harm your productivity.

To be sure you’re organised enough to get more done, start using Trello’ssimple but efficient boards and lists to prioritise your projects flexibly and professionally. Trello can be used for almost everything, as it offers a clear, observable, and obvious overview of what needs to be completed next.

Scheduling appointments: ScheduleOnce

Scheduling appointments and meetings with people in different time zones can quickly become a nightmare. For this reason, using smart scheduling solutions can make all the difference.

To simplify how you set up and manage your diary, check out ScheduleOnce. With this tool, there is no back-and-forth needed when you arrange a meeting. It also provides a range of specialisedsolutions depending on the industry you’re in, from B2B SaaS, Financial Services, Health & Medicaland Education & eLearning to Marketing, Service and Support and more.

Trading platform: UFX

As an entrepreneur, you instinctively understand the importance of making solid investments.

Using the right tool to do so is essential. That’s especially true when you decide to invest money in the financial markets.

UFX is a popular pick in the industry for traders looking for a reliable and professional solution for their short-term trading strategies. As a regulated broker, UFX provides a safe trading

environment for traders wanting to diversify their portfoliosacross asset classes like currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and ETFs. With some of the best trading conditions available and a wide range of powerful tools on offer, UFX is an excellent choice for everyone looking to secure an additional revenue stream.

Spotting emerging trends: CB Insights

When it comes to investments, spotting trends is a vital way to avoid taking unnecessary risks by selecting only the companies or financial assets with the greatest growth potential.

CB Insights is a leading research firm that can help you find answers aboutcompanies’

proprietarytechnology, competition, andprofitability. It aggregates and analyses massive amounts of data to help you focus on the most promising sectors and organisations.



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