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Boosting Operational Efficiency

Boosting Operational Efficiency

Reaching optimal operational efficiency is a challenge even for organizations with the simplest structures. Multiple functions and departments have to sync and work together seamlessly to ensure productivity. Along with internal functioning, there are many external factors that influence an organization, like constant competition, technological changes, customer preferences, stakeholder expectations and so on. As the organization grows, maintaining productivity and efficiency can become a challenge. The best way to deal with this is to have a navigation system in place as you scale up to avoid loss of efficiency and resources.

Care About Competition & Numbers

All leaders and entrepreneurs start their journey with certain numbers and goals as destinations. These goals define strategy, milestones and execution methods to reach the eventual target. While working towards this, measure your progress. Do this not just internally but compare it with your competitors to focus on the larger picture. Benchmark the practices that are helping them increase their efficiency and learn lessons from their processes. Go a step beyond, look at other industries that face similar problems as you do and benchmark their process as well. Incorporate these learning while creating processes for your own company.

Standardize at Each Step

Creating standardized processes at every step creates structure and predictability in the company. It provides employees clarity regarding their roles and responsibilities. Standardizing is key to keep the quality of your services consistent. Install checks and balances to stop errors that could be foreseen. Standardized processes create efficiency while safeguarding productivity through repetition and accountability. Periodically, evaluate the efficacy of these procedures to identify room for improvement.

Proactive Evaluation

The standard procedures and protocols that each company puts in place have to be appraised from time to time. As the company grows or external factors come into play, there is a need to make certain changes. Foreseeing bottlenecks and continuous improvement guarantees that your company fulfills commitments in a consistent manner as per expectations. Proactively doing this evaluation can increase and enhance the capabilities of your teams. While a crisis situation forces us to make changes, prevention is better than cure. Make proactive evaluation a part of your process to ensure operational efficiency.

Invest in Infrastructure

While there is a lot of effort involved in hiring the right people, investing in infrastructure ensures that the employees have the right tools and support to achieve the goals set for them. Along with the technology, choose the right vendors and partnerships. Find the right connections at the appropriate costs to meet the customer need. Ensuring the quality of your offerings and establishing a set up that empowers your employees to do their best will not only guarantee growth for your organization but it will also increase job satisfaction amongst your employees. This will directly impact the organization’s overall operational efficiency.

Make Learning Priority

The next step to ensure efficiency and productivity from your employees is to plan their growth within the company. Creating career options, learning opportunities, skill enhancement avenues, and training programs will increase their operational effectiveness while positively impacting attrition levels. Employee productivity and skill enhancement also keep them up the curve with respect to competition. As technological advancements also have a direct impact on the efficiencies, training only ensures that your team is prepared for the future.

Keeping a check on operational efficiency is a must for organizations that are aspiring to grow at a fast pace. Without a strong focus on this element of the organization, even the strongest products and services can fail to meet customer requirements. A customer’s experience of dealing with your representatives and using your product defines their future with you. The customer experience takes precedence over everything else and delivering a consistent, satisfying and efficient experience has never been as vital to success as it is now.

Senior consultant Rajeev Shroff manages Cupela, a platform for Transformational Coaching and Consulting, which works with leading organizations in India.








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