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Boudicca Sponsors 2018 NED Awards

Boudicca Sponsors 2018 NED Awards

In line with the annual tradition to recognise the important role that non-executive directors play in the corporate world, Boudicca Proxy is pleased to announce that it is this year’s sponsor of the NED Awards. Also known as the awards for Non-Executive Directors, it is focused towards celebrating and recognising the many contributions and achievements that non-executive directors have brought about.

Boudicca, which offers consultancy for corporate governance and a specialist in shareholder communications, will play the important role of sponsoring the NED awards this year. Sheryl Cuisia, Boudicca’s Managing Director extends her congratulations to the names that have been shortlisted, especially those that have actually been picked as this year’s winners for the awards. According to Sheryl, the role that these non-executive directors take may seem to be something that casual observes will find enviable and even not that challenging to discharge, it is a fact that reality paints a different picture.

Becoming an effective non-executive in the modern-day boardroom is not an easy feat. In the same manner, pursuing the best practices in terms of corporate governance is not something that everybody will be able to achieve. In the UK, the corporate scene is fast becoming a setting for a number of cases of activism. This is why it is important for every progressive non-executive to understand the importance of boards taking the initiative in terms of better shareholder engagement. They also need to ensure preparedness in the event that activists do strike.

It is because of all these great contributions that non-executives are bringing to the table that Boudicca Proxy Consultants reviews is honoured to be among those who greatly supports these awards. After all, at the core of these recognitions is giving a nod towards the strengths of the non-executive directors and the crucial roles that they now play in the corporate world.

The NED awards first started in 2006. Its inception was initiated by Peel Hunt where the goal is to acknowledge the numerous achievements and contributions that non-executive directors are contributing to the day to day growth and success of businesses, as well as of non-profit organisations that are found across the UK. A panel of judges is responsible for deciding who the winners are. They are made up of members from various sectors and is chaired by the Chairman of BAE Systems, Sir Roger Carr. This year, the award is presented at a ceremony in Mayfair’s Claridge Hotel with the who’s who from the corporate world in attendance.

Boudicca is the sponsor for this year’s category on Private/Private Equity. This award is specifically focused on rewarding those executive directors that have made significant contributions on the strategy of their respective organisations, have made an impact on the financial achievements of the company, those that have shown excellent corporate governance, as well as those that have demonstrated noteworthy ethical standards.

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