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Businesses Earn Benefits From Commercial Fueling Networks

Businesses Earn Benefits From Commercial Fueling Networks

The costs associated with fueling commercial vehicles ranks among the highest for companies that field even small fleets. When vehicles are making long-hauls or even regional runs, the price of fuel per gallon can be excessive in some areas. Commercial fleet outfits also suffer unnecessary wait times when refueling.

Organizations such as Hays Oil are responding to trucker drivers need with commercial fueling network (CFN) options that can improve refueling efficiency and lower costs.

This innovative business model has owner-operators and fleet company’s curious and asking if there is a CFN near me they can utilize as a cost-saving resource.

These are two pertinent questions being asked.

What Should I Know About A CFN Near Me?

CFNs are basically just a large group of independent and brand-name gas stations that have banded together to promote themselves to other businesses.

These widely dispersed fueling stations are commonly called “cardlock stations” or “commercial fuel stations” because they cater unique benefits almost exclusively to businesses.

In terms of understanding how these networks function, think about them like a Costco or BJ’s Wholesale chain store. They buy in bulk and provide members with cost-saving benefits.

To date, two major organizations dominate the continental U.S. trucking landscape — Pacific Pride and (Commercial Fueling Network) CFN.

But the one significant difference between membership wholesalers and a CFN is that the fueling chains pass on benefits for businesses only.

The thinking is that trucking companies and delivery outfits will far outpace the purchases made by the general public with the right enticements. Another reason that cardlock stations limit their heightened benefits to businesses is the improved customer service and reduced refueling wait times.

How Can I Benefit From A CFN Near Me?

In order to access CFN stations, businesses must apply and receive a cardlock fuel card. Once you have secured the membership card, you can access any participating fueling station.

The price listed on the pump will not necessarily apply to you once the cardlock has been swiped. The network provider generally sets a lower price for business members. If you travel in the Medford, Oregon area, Hays Oil offers cardlock services for qualifying businesses.



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