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Cargo Tracking Notes Are Needed to Ship to Countries in West Africa

Cargo Tracking Notes Are Needed to Ship to Countries in West Africa

The general concept of this paper is on exporting anything to West Africa in an easier way with the proper paperwork. If you need to export anything to West Africa, you need to get a certificate referred to as a CTN. These certificates are provided by different companies online and by several companies providing these certificates for other firms not online. Also, BSC Africa Waiver Solutions is another note – known as a Cargo Tracking Note. 

Launching BSC Africa Waiver 

The BSC Africa was established in 2013, with an exceptionally experienced team to provide worldwide high standard service in obtaining Cargo Tracking Note for your shipment to Africa. Building on the initial aim, in 2014 BSC Africa opened its offices in USA, UK, Russia, and Turkey to reach you closer to your home. Since then, year-by-year BSC Africa has gradually grown to become expert in the sector building its existence in 15 countries and partnering with Customs Officials of 23 African countries to provide real-time consultancy on obtaining BSC, ECTN, BESC, and CTN Waiver certificates. There is a detailed slide about the procedures on BSC here


Contact us today to shorten the CTN processing. They have a state-of-the-art website allowing client’s easy contact to a tool for quoting and a tool for making your requests online. It also offers data for all African countries, including complete details about the process to acquire the CTN and other requirements. Visit this website today to check out all the new features.


ECTN is an “Electronic Cargo Tracking Note”, a digital file filled out by a forwarder. The country of registration of forwarding stipulates which agent will be of assistance. BIM accomplishes this by forming an international network of agents that forms the line of communication between International trade and the Congolese Shippers Council.


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