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  • Reasons to Invest in Natural Gas
    9:47 AM

    Renewable energies are growing in popularity amongst investors with many people looking to make money from this developing market. However, there are so many renewable energies available, such as solar power and wind power. So, why should investors choose natural gas over these other options? What makes natural gas such a good investment? This article

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  • Should You Consider Company Formation Agency or DIY Formation
    7:34 AM

    It is essential to understand how to form a company in the USA as a non-citizen, foreigner or US citizen that lives outside the country. Have in mind that as soon as you incorporate your business in the United States, you will be able to increase your business’s credibility and gain access to US investors

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  • GDPR Action and Fines So Far
    6:37 AM

    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation brings about new regulations surrounding data privacy. It sees a fresh set of rules that govern how personal and sensitive information is gathered, stored, and disposed of. Harsher punishments are introduced for business and responsible individuals who do not comply with these regulations. In the UK, the Data

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  • How to Keep Your Employees Motivated Throughout the Year
    7:41 AM

    Employee motivation is one of the single most important factors driving profit, yet it can seem so difficult to control. Humans, after all, are not like lines on a spreadsheet; they cannot be controlled or calculated in the way you would other factors. Your employees require a special touch, a deft manner of approach that

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  • Technology in startups
    4:58 PM

    Technology serves a simple purpose- to make life easier. Someone who needs as much help as they can get is the tech entrepreneur. No matter the start-up, technology can help in ways big and small. Here are some of the most popular ones. A great storage app- Clutter is an app that takes self-storage to

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  • What Does Making Tax Digital Mean for Business
    11:50 AM

    Making Tax Digital is a new initiative that will alter how your business records and submits its taxes to HMRC. These changes will start taking effect by April 2019, meaning your business should act now to ensure it’s prepared. This article seeks to explain what Making Tax Digital software will mean to you and your

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  • The Pros and Cons of Network Marketing
    11:05 AM

    You may not be familiar with the term network marketing. It is just another term of multi-level marketing or MLM. With the rapid proliferation of online concept of MLM or network marketing, many network experts now finding this as an immensely beneficial business opportunity. If you are interested in this form of marketing and want

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  • Factors to consider when choosing MTD compatible software for your business
    6:14 AM

    If you are among the businesses owners, who conduct their operation using traditional materials such as report cards and spreadsheets it is time you consider upgrading to a digital system. The introduction of a Making Digital Tax System for handling all taxation affairs requires every business to maintain all accounting records in a digital form.

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  • Tips to Improve Your Presence Online
    5:03 AM

    So you’ve started your own business, bought a website, sorted out your domain and web hosting situation, and are starting to feel a little lost. Or maybe you’ve been in business a while and decided to launch a website to improve your market reach, but your sales haven’t improved from the last month. Maybe it’s

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