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  • 10:02 AM

    Tom Davis’s vision of management Welcome to the first episode of the Tom Davis leadership podcast, your host Christine Reidhead discusses The Purpose of Management with the experienced Tom Davis. Here are some of the key points of the podcast: Tom talks about management and its purpose. How he’s been successful using this kind of

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  • How Much Does It Cost to Relocate an Employee Nationally?
    7:43 AM

    Relocating an Employee to Another Region: How Much Do Companies Pay for the Privilege? Do you need to relocate one of your employees to another location? It costs you more than you realize. Below I have a small breakdown of the average costs and other things you should know before you take the leap. The

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  • How Air BNB Management Service can enhance Your Guest Experience?
    2:07 PM

    There are many reasons why you should hire the services of a professional Guest Ready UK Air BnB property management agency. Such a service can help enhance your guest experience, something that can have a positive impact on your business’ success. Find out how hiring such a company can be the right decision for your

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  • Why Supply Chains Rely on Great Logistics for Results
    8:25 AM

    Effective logistics are crucial for any kind of business. Implementing carefully organized logistics allows a business to keep up with customer demands and beat the competition. No matter the size of the business we are talking about, the goal is always to expand and grow. Customer demands are always changing and their needs are sensitive

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  • The Fire Extinguisher that you don’t need to Maintain Every Year
    8:02 AM

    What are the fire extinguishers which don’t need maintenance yearly? In a digital world where everything keeps changing including the evacuator alarms, the fire extinguisher industry is not left behind because it has come up with the P50 extinguishers which are maintenance free. Unlike in the past when fire extinguishers used to be serviced yearly

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  • Life Settlement: Things You Should Know About
    9:43 AM

    A senior life settlement is an answer for can I sell my term life insurance policy? Which is commonly asked by many life insurance policyholders. It involves selling of the life insurance policy that you own to a third party for instant money. In the process, there are three parties involved- a seller, an investor,

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  • 3 Great Ideas For Your Office Christmas Party
    9:01 AM

    Office Christmas parties can sometimes feel a little bit tired and generic, typically involving food, decorations, and maybe some games or entertainment. You may even have experienced the exact same Christmas party at several different jobs! But that doesn’t mean that Christmas parties can’t be unique and fun! If you’re in charge of organising the

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  • 7:46 AM

    All types of businesses should ensure that their level of security is top-notch. Not only does this assure them that their place is safe from outsiders and intruders, it also gives them the peace of mind they need. If you want to tighten the level of safety and protection in your office, below are some

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  • 3 Key Reasons You Should Train Your Staff to Handle Change
    6:08 AM

    Did you know that the way you handle change directly correlates with how you manage stress overall? Or that when just one of your staff members reacts badly to change that it could – and will – interrupt the entire working atmosphere? It is true. When people react negatively to change they become irritable, angry,

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  • Learn The Ropes Of Online Reputation Control
    10:09 AM

    With the onset of social media and increase in e-commerce, more and more brands or companies are promoting themselves on such social media sites to get more exposure and appeal to the masses and communicate with them directly thus leading to more customers and more sales all within the reach of one’s computer with a

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