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Changing the Culture within an Organization


Your host Christine Reidhead sets up with Tom Davis in the fourth episode of the Tom Davis Leadership podcast. They discuss how to affect cultural change within an organization.

Here are some the key points being discussed:

  • How to affect cultural change in an organization.
  • Tom explains some ways of changing the culture.
  • He discusses how it’s important to relate with people.

Tom says that leaders need to be aware of the culture that is in existence before they can actually try to change it. He says that when one joins an organization, there is no need to instantly try and change the culture rapidly, but instead, take time to understand it.

Tom discusses how important it is to find who is making things happen, first. He says that almost everyone in an organization is inclined to having someone that they measure themselves against. People have a positive or negative attitude based on how they are treated. This tends to affect how their referent person is being treated. Tom Davis says, after you finally figure out what goes on in an organization, then you can try and influence the culture.


He explains there are certain steps to changing the culture, starting with strategic planning in a particular manner. He underlines how group wisdom is superior to individual wisdom. This podcast episode also speaks about how someone should have an expansive vision instead of a narrow one.

Tom says, when you try to implement any vision, you should first relate with people and try to get to know them. You should do the planning with big groups, but during implementation, you need do it with small groups. Credit is important, and people deserve the credit for what they do.

You realize that problems usually go away if you address them, and not by assuming them. Make sure you listen to this episode and hear more of what Tom Davis has to say about how to affect cultural change.

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