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  Choosing the Most Suitable Business Premises

Whether you are currently looking to start a business, or you are simply looking to expand or relocate your business, you have come to the right place. We are here today to provide a list of tips for choosing then right business property, with the ultimate intention of enabling as many businesses in the UK as possible to get off to the best start. Here goes…

Location – You need to first decide where you would like your new premises to be located, for example are you looking for warehouses to let in Yorkshire or are you looking to relocate completely? When trying to determine the best location for your company you might want to consider footfall, parking, delivery restrictions, where you competitors are located and where your employees live, amongst much more.

List your needs – Once you have a rough idea of where you would like to look for business property you need to make a list of all the things you are going to require from your new business premises, considering size, structure, layout, parking and facilities.  You need to think about both short and long term business plans when looking at business property for sale and hire, ensuring that you are catering for the future and not just the present.


To buy or rent? – You need to decide whether hiring or buying is best your business, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. And it is all about coming to the best decision for you company. At this stage it can be beneficial to seek the assistance of a financial advisor who can not only advise whether to buy or rent but also assist you in deciding how much to spend and invest.

These are only three of the top tips to help you choose new premises for your business too! Remember to think about what you want before you start looking to ensure that you are able to obtain the most beneficial property for your business.



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