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Choosing the Proper Cutting Tool for Lathe Operations

Choosing the Proper Cutting Tool for Lathe Operations

A machinist has to make a lot of decisions, but selecting the right cutting tool for the job is very important. There are basic tips here that you will find useful if it is for lathe operations. Knowing how to operate the lathe is equally important to know which tool to use. Tools for the lathe are manufactured in different materials, styles, and sizes. Read more to fully understand quality cutting tools that you should choose from for lathe operations.

What You Must Consider:

The Size

One of the most common mistakes people commit is getting a tool of the wrong size. If you are going to spend on quality cutting tools, make sure to get the right size to avoid wasting your money. The large ones have more rigidity and cost higher. Therefore, make sure that you really know the size you need.

The Cost

This is like any major decision you make on a daily basis. You should also consider the total cost of running the tool. This is including the maintenance and equipment costs. For instance, using a carbide-tipped band-saw blade are better in certain applications, but the vibration is very strong. Therefore, they cannot be used with any kind of saw, and this is a critical consideration you need to make before purchasing.

Material and Grades

This refers to how the material functions, its speed, and limits. It is safe to choose the universal grade for this because it is usually coated. Refer to the grade chart provided by the manufacturer. Do not use a grade cross chart as a reference to solve any tool problem, which is a mistake a lot of people commit.

Talk to Suppliers

A lot of managers are realizing that having a collaborative relationship with suppliers is crucial to any business. Using a strategy for supply chains give better results for the business that beats competitors. This includes tool suppliers because a trusted partner should willingly provide you with the right information and materials about the latest tools. The supplier might even help you with the measurement and analysis of your tool because they know their product better than anyone.

How Many Edges Does It Have?

If there are more edges, then it is better. It does not cost 2 times the price to get a lathe tool with double the number of cutting edges. In the last 10 years, there were cutoff and grooming design advancements. So, it is not uncommon to replace a 4-edge cutter with a 16-edge one. The number of edges affects productivity and federates.

When you absolutely have no idea what tool to get for lathe operations, just take these into consideration. Also, do not forget that you should only get one of the quality cutting tools for your own safety and convenience. For more information, view the site.

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