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Contentmart is one of the growing online content marketplaces which acts as an intermediary between customer and freelance writers. With rising websites and increasing marketing demands relating to web content, buyers are struggling to find a dedicated, capable writer who can put their heart and soul while working. And this search becomes never ending when they aren’t able to find appropriate freelancers who can meet their requirements in the most effective way. Contentmart plays a detrimental role in making this search process easy for both the client and the writer.

Though there are many business outsourcing alternatives available, but the process is quite cumbersome and expensive. Whereas, Contentmart has more than 44000 writers registered who has their own areas of specialization. Also, becoming a certified writer on the Contentmart is not easy  and a rigorous selection process of verified writers furthers guarantees their credibility and capability for writing.

Also, the best thing for the buyers is that they can even go for bulk orders without any hassles. Placing multiple orders is allowed if a buyer is in urgent need of content. And their requirements are surely to be met on time as each order   gets a minimum of 20-25 bids. Also, the versatile writers on the platform are good at handling around 4-5 projects in time. So buyers can be  assured that their work would never be compromised as writers wouldn’t want to lose out on feedbacks at any cost.

A writer firstly has to cross the stage where clearing the test on the platform is mandatory. There are three levels namely beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each writer is assigned one level when they successfully complete the test. This basic proficiency test is inescapable if a writer wishes to become a part of contentmart. It gives the buyers a fair idea about the overall command of the writer over the language.

The best part for the buyers is that they don’t have to pay a single penny to contentmart to become a part of content marketing .And it can easily fulfill all type of content requirements ranging from Product Descriptions to White Papers .Also, one of the most exquisite features on contentmart is that writers have to send their results sheets to contentmart as well as the customers. The result sheet is firstly scritinised by contentmart which checks the duplicated content through its plagiarism checker tools. This tool is of great help to check out the uniqueness of content written by a writer. Hence, in conclusion, it can be said that , contentmart ensures your safety as a buyer at every step. No wonder that each growing day, hundreds of buyers and writers are associating with it.

Brian Brown

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