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Dealing with Crisis

Dealing with Crisis

Welcome to the third episode of the Tom Davis leadership podcast. Your host, Christine Reidhead asks Tom how he deals with a big crisis.

Here are the key points being discussed in this episode:

  • How to deal with a big crisis?
  • The importance of having a network of people.
  • Ways of building thick skin when being attacked as a leader.

Tom declares that there is no need to panic when in crisis. One should try and come up with a specific approach to solve the issue. He says that having a network of people usually helps. Reaching out of the organization for help really works. He underlines the importance of networking and why letting your people get involved is very important.

Mr. Davis describes how it helps to be transparent more often than not and that anyone should be able to seek help humbly. In this episode, he shows us that a person can’t always have all the answers to certain problems. He says that we should be flexible, even when trying to maintain firmness in that specific approach.

He indicates that people become great leaders because of the quality of the crisis they face. On the other hand, any manager should remember that some crisis might strengthen you or weaken you.

This episode shares the various ways in which one builds thick skin when being attacked as a leader. Tom says that understanding that not being perfect is okay, and one should be able to talk to a colleague or any close person about things. He says that someone should be prepared to take criticism and embrace it. This is because you shouldn’t expect to please everyone.

Mr. Davis says that apologizing to someone doesn’t lessen you and changing your behavior helps develop you as a leader. Tune in to this episode and listen to what Tom has to say about solving crisis.


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