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Designing A Bold Living Room

Designing A Bold Living Room

The living room is often multi-functional in many homes. It is a space where we entertain guests, friends, and family – making it the most popular room in a home. Many homes feature a living room interior design that is quite traditional in a sense. However, now times are changing, many homeowners are now favouring bold patterns and designs in their living room.

Black and white

If you are not that confident about the multitudes of colours would reflect in your living room, then go for black and white. It is traditionally used in living room interior design concepts to create a bold living room. For instance. Add a black and white patterned accent wall with a mustard yellow cabinet in the foreground to add a dash of electricity. Add a vase of a colourful and fresh vase of flowers to complete the look.


Textiles and colours go hand in hand when planning a bold living room interior design. They are instrumental in adding textures, colours and also give a great visual treat. Add striped patterns, florals, motifs, motifs in different fabrics without shying away from bright colours. Shades of red, orange,blue and others can add positive vibrancy to space.

Up to down

When choosing a bold living room interior design include brightcolours, patterns and textures from ceiling to floor. Add some geometrical shapes of square and colour them in the same shade of different hues and reflect those hues in soft and mellow lighting. For instance, a blue and teal statement reflective glass that contrast the earthy tones of the walls is an exquisite way to shape a bold living room.

Here is a tip! Add a metallic vase with crystals to complete the look.

Create an accent

Walls form a vital part of a bold living room interior design. They can be used to add a dash of elegance or a contemporary edge. Add murals, stencils and wallpaper to introduce boldness in design.

At the same time,the bold design doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to keep adding colours to every nook and corner of the room. You can still be conservative and also add a dash of bold. For example, a create an accent wall with your television cabinet. Add a dose of muted and bright accents in the cabinet like a mustard yellow and white on one side with shades of blue on the other.

Here is a tip! Add a custom-made mural to infuse bolder and darker patterns.


Rugs are often used as part of the bold living room interior design as they can infuse colours, patterns and captivate a person’s attention. Carpets are to floors like paint are to walls. It aids us in laying down riddles, introduce bold and linear, symmetrical designs or even single out space. Abstract patterns with a multitude of colours also induce an illusion of grandeur. It helps us illustrate the area and uplift your furnishings.

These ideas help in designing a bold living room interior design effortlessly and create a harmonious living space.




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