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Different Types of Business Telephone Systems

Different Types of Business Telephone Systems


Technology is forever updating so its best to stay informed before making your decision on what to buy for your business to make sure you get the most out of your new system.

Business telephone systems are no exception, knowing what is available is very important.

A good business telephone system Chester can help you manage, distribute, and of course make those important business phone calls. Business telephone systems aren’t just for larger companies either. Smaller companies often question whether they need a telephone system as calls are generally low in comparison, but if you often find that you are busy and can’t always reach the phone, you can have a voicemail message with different options, known as a auto-attendant, then having a business telephone system might be for you.

Here are the different types of phone systems that are out there, making it a little bit easier to know what you are getting before you ask providers for a quote.

Traditional Phone Line

This is the most basic type of business phone system, which uses copper wire telephone lines and digital telephone lines to provide access to the telephone network. This system will be installed by an engineer at your place of work and will usually require its own wiring, which can be a little disruptive when installed, so make sure you haven’t got anything important going on that day.

A traditional phone line only has basic features such as voicemail, the ability to transfer calls to another handset and a hold function. If you compare this system with the others which are soon to be mentioned, it is definitely a no-frills option.

Digital Telephone System

A digital telephone system allows you to make calls over the internet. To do so this will require software to be installed on your server which connects your calls through your broadband or fibre connection. This type of system will require installation and maintenance by a qualified technician, however, unlike the basic option it offers you all the features your business will need.

Hosted Telephone System

This type of system is delivered by an external hosting services which can be accessed via the internet. These virtual systems allow businesses to avoid the expense of installing business telephone equipment, and with no disruption.

Virtual systems still have features such as voicemail, call transferring and automated greetings and depending on which provider you go with, plenty more.

The benefit of having a hosted telephone system is definitely the price tag and can effectively be free once a license or subscription has been paid for, or on a pay as you go system, like Skype.

These types of systems are usually used in bigger companies, with complex automated answering machines, however, they can also be useful to smaller teams. If your team is always out on the go, as well as all important vehicle fleet tracking, having a system that can allow for easy transfer between mobile and business phones is a necessity. Workers in the office will be able to easily transfer calls outside, and those outside can make all important business calls from a normal office phone number easily.

Whichever business telephone system you decide to go for, having one will help make your business run much more smoothly.




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