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Digital Marketing Essentials This New Year 2017

Digital Marketing Essentials This New Year 2017

In recent times, we have become accustomed to hearing terms such as search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. We may have gotten a conceptual idea of what they mean but do we really know their impact on our daily lives? We shall look at how these definitions are used in our daily lives and how we can be able to understand them even more and utilize them even better than ever before.

In this day and age nearly every business has a website which is their digital representation online. It is their gateway to reach the masses far and wide so that they can sell their goods or services. Website development has grown from the traditional page like looking websites to newer websites which are very responsive. By them being responsive we mean that they adapt to changes in screen orientation such as working on a desktop and resizing itself when being accessed from a laptop or tablet.

Responsive web design ensures that your website looks its best and performs well across all devices. Your website has to be mobile friendly because a lot of the people who access them use mobile phones. If your web development process does not consider the needs of mobile users, you have literally locked yourself out of about 80% of all your potential clients which is a huge blow to the business. Loss of clients due to this can be compared to having an open business premises but putting the sign or name of the business at the back rather than the front side of the premises.

You need to come up with a very good strategy in order to be able to survive and come out at the top in the new digital frontier. In most business sites or as commonly known ecommerce sites, the owners usually try to attract people and build traffic on these sites in order to be able to sell their goods and services. The question to be asked is how will you be able to attract people to your website who simply google search or use their normal browser to search for specific information on where to get what they need? The answer came in with search engine optimization. What this basically meant was that with a simple search a client would be able to search for a specific product and if you offered it, your website would show up first on the list of results.

Search engine optimization entailed the use of keywords on your website where you could easily utilize keywords in order to ensure that the search algorithm would match and provide a specific list of website results which had your website probably at the top. In essence web development needs to follow specific ways of conduct in order to ensure that as an e-commerce site they would easily capitalize on technology and ensure that they turn their leads into actual sales. Finding the best SEO strategy to suit your industry and needs will enable you to use technology to bring a positive impact on your business.

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