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DUI Laws – Some Important Terms & Consideration

DUI Laws – Some Important Terms & Consideration

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is a serious offense in every state. If you are driving a vehicle while being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, it may cause accidents and injuries. In some states, the offense is also called DWI or Driving While Intoxicated. If a vehicle driver is detained for the alleged DUI offense, the person is required to undergo blood-alcohol concentration or BAC. Even if the test shows evidence of the presence of alcohol in your blood, it is possible for an experienced DUI lawyer to get the charge reduced or the case dismissed.

A successful DUI lawyer can explore his knowledge of DUI laws in Calif and negotiate on his client’s behalf for lesser sentences.

If the allegation is proved, you will end up receiving some kind of criminal sentences including financial penalty and even jail punishment. What is more, depending on the severity or whether it is your first-time DUI offense, your driving license is most likely to be suspended or revoked. In such cases, a DUI attorney helps you receive your driving privileges on the conditions of the court’s permission to allow you to drive to and from your workplace or using an IDD (Ignition Interlock Device).

Important Terms to Know

DUI Checkpoints: Police set roadblocks, especially along busy roads during festivities when the chance of alcohol-related events is very high. At DUI checkpoints, motorists are randomly checked for impairment.

Drug Recognition Experts: Specially trained officers determine the level of drug impairment in a DUI suspect.

Implied Consent: Motorists in every state agree to a police stop and blood-alcohol concentration test for receiving a driver’s license. Failing to give consent to the test is a breach of the agreement and the alleged motorist may end up getting his/her driving license suspended.

Blood-Alcohol Concentration: The test is performed to determine the concentration of alcohol in the alleged motorist’s bloodstream. The result is an indication of alcohol impairment in a motorist.

When You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

Impaired or drunk driving results in serious consequences. That is why these cases are serious issues for the courts. The stake of a DUI case is usually very high. The motorists convicted of a DUI charge usually end up losing their license for a particular period of time, paying a high fine and sometimes, serving jail sentence (especially if it is not a first-time offense). Even if your DUI attorney fails to dismiss the case, the professional may be able to get the sentence reduced or otherwise ensure a softer landing.

Legal representation comes at a price but advice and service by a skilled and successful lawyer are worth what you are required to pocket out. The professional will help you on strength of his/her professional experience and knowledge of DUI laws.

Final Words

Every DUI lawyer is not the right person to represent you. Make sure to hire someone who has helped many get away with impunity or reduced punishment. Experience and knowledge of DUI laws matter a lot and so is the professional’s track record.

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