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Eight Things to Consider In Choosing the Right Temporary Airplane Hangar

Eight Things to Consider In Choosing the Right Temporary Airplane Hangar

Temporary airplane hangars are recently becoming more popular as a temporary solution for storage and shelter. What makes temporary airplane hangars famous are its features for being affordable, diverse, installed and break-downed fast, cost-effective and more. Whether to store or warehouse aircrafts, vehicles, cargos, and equipment are what you need; these portable aviation hangars can be the perfect solution.

When you’re looking for a quick solution, the flexible design of temporary airplane hangars is the best solution to consider. This option saves you more money when you need to shelter an aircraft for a quick repair or storage. Temporary airplane hangars can accommodate numerous uses like cargo sorting facilities, equipment for baggage handling, maintenance, aircraft storage, portable transportation terminals and many more.

In deciding to install a temporary airplane hangar, there are certain things to consider. We have compiled here a few things to check to guide you in choosing the right temporary airplane hangar.

Check Funding

Check if the local government around your area offers to fund the building of airport structures. Building a permanent construction is more expensive and takes more time compared to leasing a temporary structure. Installation of temporary airplane hangars takes only a few days or weeks to complete while uninstalling and removal is just as fast.

Measure Space

Take measurements to determine the dimensions of the structure and for your supplier to add extra adjustments if needed. Provide your supplier the accurate dimensions with the measurements of the floor area and the height clearance to be included.

Consider Climate Conditions

Snow loads and wind loads will significantly affect your structure’s design and specifications. When looking for the right structure supplier and vendor, it is essential to inquire about their product’s extreme weather certifications. This feature ensures that your temporary hangar can withstand various weather conditions.

Confirm Access Features

Check with your supplier what access features are available. Not all temporary aircraft hangar manufacturers provide the same features. Some have walk-throughs, security doors while others offer sliding doors. As simple as an access feature can significantly affect how your company works.


If your temporary airplane hangar is built on a private airstrip, you first have to clarify the specifications and guidelines of the facility concerning the layout of buildings. Be aware of the structural requirements of the Federal Aviation Authority.


When choosing a temporary airplane hangar, always pick the clearspan construction. By doing so, you will be able to maximize the space and establish a safe environment for your structure and your workers. Clearspan construction also helps eliminate the risk of collision of an interior support structure and an aircraft.

Consider the features

Check what features you think are ideal for your needs and be sure to ask the suppliers. Features like sliding doors, lightings, fire suppression system, and climate control are just some that can be fitted in the hangars.


When shopping for a temporary airplane hangar supplier, check their certifications in industry safety and their safety records. Look for suppliers who are certified in DISA, OSHA, TWIC, and HAZWOPER.

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