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Establishing a record retention schedule

Establishing a record retention schedule

The systematic and effective control of the records of an organization and it’s important documents are said to be the record retention and record management. Establishment of Record retention program in an organization is very helpful because it helps in ensuring the valuable and important document, evidencing of the organization’s activities. The organization has various records of all the administrative, legal and fiscal activities but all the records in an organization are not so important some of them have already done their work, and they now have become useless so with the help of Record retention program we can destroy all these documents with ease. A record retention schedule can be established for this purpose.

In just 3 very easy steps a record retension schedule can be established for all the organizations which do not have a systematic record retention program. An established schedule is very important for your protection as well as for the protection of your organization.

Follow these few steps and get your own retention schedule

The most important thing which you should do first is developed your own team in order to establish a record retention schedule. After developing the team implement the record retention schedule. Try to Develop a program which suits the need of your organization. The team members should also suggest various ideas, and they should be from different fields, this will help in developing a good retention schedule. You should also look forward to the Inventory of organization’s record; it will help you very much in identifying which type of Record has to be managed by your team and which information has to be stored as a part of your retention schedule.

Lastly, you have to establish your organization’s record management policy and procedures and then only implement your schedule.



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