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Few Things to Know as an American Importer

Few Things to Know as an American Importer

Do you live in America and want to venture into importation and exportation? Well I do want to congratulate you as the business is a lucrative one but regardless of your decision to go into this business, there are certain things you must know.

By now, you must have designed a feasible plan on how your operations would occur, the type of product you want to import, and a ready market with demand. You must be wondering, “I’ve got it all covered, what could possibly go wrong?” Well, as a newbie, you are prone to make mistakes and if you’re not aware of these mistakes, they could cost you a lot either financially or other aspects.

Don’t you worry, in this article, you’ll learn of few tips that will help you build a successful importation business. Just read on.

Like and Trust Your Supplier

Like earlier said, you must have crafted all these yourself; the product you want to import, your supplier, the demanding market. In truth, business is about trust.

So, while selecting a supplier, ensure it’s someone you trust and always keep in touch with him/her. If it’s an organization, make a relationship with their top management. This way, you’ll build a commitment and enjoy the relationship on the long run. They’ll always try to supply you first in case of scarcity of the products.

Get a License

This is important especially if you don’t want your goods to get seized. To be an importer, you have to be licensed. This way, the government is sure you’re not importing illegal stuff.

Some countries don’t require a license or permit to import goods, so the trends may change according to location.

Get a Ready Transportation

You should have a ready means of transportation for the imported goods. The idea is to get those goods as soon as possible to retailers. As soon as your goods are cleared, it’s best to disperse them swiftly.

At some customs control, you may be charged for delay in picking your goods even after clearance. It’s best to have a stand-by means of transport to help supply the goods.

Select a Customs Border Patrol

This is the point where you’ll receive your goods. They will oversee the whole transportation of the shipment as they could assist in rectifying minimal hiccups in the delivery process.

Clearit USA is a good place to start. They help oversee the whole clearance process with speed and efficiency.


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